Top 20 Poet celebrities in Bangladesh

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Poet celebrities [Updated October 2, 2022].

1. Ahmed Sofa

Ahmed Sofa net worth 2020
Ahmed Sofa was born on June 30, 1943 in Bangladesh.
He helped to found the Bangladesh Writers Camp in 1970.

2. Hason Raja

Hason Raja net worth 2020
Hason Raja was born on December 21, 1854 in Bangladesh.
His work gained international attention after it was featured in an Oxford University lecture in the 1930s.

3. Shamsur Rahman

Shamsur Rahman net worth 2020
Shamsur Rahman was born on October 23, 1929 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
He wrote in free-verse and employed a Bengali rhythmical pattern known as Poyaar.

4. Jasimuddin

Jasimuddin net worth 2020
Jasimuddin was born on January 1, 1903 in Bangladesh.
He was the 1976 recipient of the Ekushey Padak award.

5. Bimal Guha

Bimal Guha net worth 2020
Bimal Guha was born on October 27, 1952 in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi poet and children's author whose literary works include Bhalobasar Kobita, Chadai Chhana, and Aguner Dim. Regarded as an important literary figure of his generation, he received numerous honors, including the Bangabandhu Memorial Award and the Poet Jibanananda Das Award.

He was instrumental in launching a new era of Bangladeshi poetry following The Liberation War.

6. Al Mahmud

Al Mahmud net worth 2020
Al Mahmud was born on July 11, 1936 in Bangladesh.
During the early 1970s, he was a freedom fighter in the Bangladeshi Liberation War.

7. Alauddin Al-Azad

Alauddin Al-Azad net worth 2020
Alauddin Al-Azad was born on May 6, 1932 in Bangladesh.
He received both the Abul Kalam Shamsuddin Literary Award and the Abdul Mansur Ahmad Literary Award.

8. Saroj Dutta

Saroj Dutta net worth 2020
Saroj Dutta was born on March 14, 1914 in Bangladesh.
In 1964, he became a member of the Marxist Communist Party of India.