Top 20 Playwright celebrities in the world

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Playwright celebrities [Updated November 26, 2022].

1. Paul Foster

Paul Foster net worth 2020
Paul Foster was born on October 15, 1931 in United States.
He is a founding member and the first president of the experimental theater troupe La MaMa, E.T.C.

Net Worth 2020: $1.1 Billion

2. Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal net worth 2020
Gore Vidal was born on October 3, 1925 in West Point, United States.
In addition to being a writer and a political activist, he was known as the arch enemy of political intellectual and author, Normal Mailer.

Net Worth 2020: $30 Million

3. Rupert Holmes

Rupert Holmes net worth 2020
Rupert Holmes was born on February 24, 1947 in England.
His first novel, 2003's Where the Truth Lies, was adapted into a film directed by Atom Egoyan.

Net Worth 2020: $20 Million

4. Jose Rivera

Jose Rivera net worth 2020
Jose Rivera was born on March 24, 1955 in Puerto Rico.
He was a contributing writer for television series such as Family Matters, The Jungle Book, Mowgli's Story, and Night Visions.

Net Worth 2020: $15 Million

5. Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller net worth 2020
Arthur Miller was born on October 17, 1915 in New York City, United States.
In addition to his plays, he wrote the film The Misfits.

Net Worth 2020: $10 Million

6. Willy Russell

Willy Russell net worth 2020
Willy Russell was born on August 23, 1947 in Liverpool, England.
He received BAFTA and Oscar nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay for both Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine.

Net Worth 2020: $10 Million

7. Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson net worth 2020
Craig Johnson was born on January 16, 1961 in Huntington, United States.
His 2011 novel, Hell is Empty, received the Library Journal Mystery Novel of the Year Award.

Net Worth 2020: $10 Million

8. Eric Bogosian

Eric Bogosian net worth 2020
Eric Bogosian was born on April 24, 1953 in Woburn, United States.

Playwright and novelist whose play Talk Radio was nominated for a Pulitzer prize. Oliver Stone later adapted it into a film.

He played Captain Danny Ross on an episode of Law & Order.

Net Worth 2020: $6 Million

9. John Byrne

John Byrne net worth 2020
John Byrne was born on January 6, 1940 in Scotland.

Scottish TV writer, playwright, and visual artist who worked on Arena, Crown Court, and other British television programs. He also designed album covers for the Beatles, Billy Connolly, and other prominent musicians.

He was initially unable to interest galleries in his art work; however, once he began submitting under a pseudonym, he achieved some measure of artistic success.

Net Worth 2020: $3 Million

10. Tracy Letts

Tracy Letts net worth 2020
Tracy Letts was born on July 4, 1965 in Tulsa, United States.
He was featured in seasons 3 and 4 of Showtime's Homeland, and was nominated for two Screen Actors Guild Awards as part of the ensemble cast.

Net Worth 2020: $1 Million

11. Michael Frayn

Michael Frayn net worth 2020
Michael Frayn was born on September 8, 1933 in England.
His 2000 play Copenhagen won a Tony Award for Best Play.

12. Girish Karnard

Girish Karnard net worth 2020
Girish Karnard was born on May 19, 1938 in India.
His enormous body of work earned great critical acclaim from both Indian and American filmmakers, authors, and critics.

13. Henrik Ibsen

Henrik Ibsen net worth 2020
Henrik Ibsen was born on March 20, 1828 in Skien, Norway.
His son was the Prime Minister of Norway.

14. Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison net worth 2020
Grant Morrison was born on January 31, 1960 in Scotland.
He wrote the screenplay for the Dreamworks film, Sleepless Knights.

15. George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw net worth 2020
George Bernard Shaw was born on July 26, 1856 in Dublin, Ireland.
His Pygmalion has been a widely adapted play, as was the musical My Fair Lady.

16. Fatima Surayya Bajia

Fatima Surayya Bajia net worth 2020
Fatima Surayya Bajia was born on September 1, 1930 in India.
She has written more than fifteen successful plays, including Babar and Auraq.

17. Eve Ensler

Eve Ensler net worth 2020
Eve Ensler was born on May 25, 1953 in New York City, United States.
She is the adoptive mother of actor Dylan McDermott.

18. Eugene O'Neill

Eugene O'Neill net worth 2020
Eugene O'Neill was born on October 16, 1888 in New York City, United States.
He became known for only one comic play (Ah, Wilderness!); his career as a playwright was marked by dark, highly pessimistic dramas that often painted a grim picture of family dysfunction.

19. Edward Albee

Edward Albee net worth 2020
Edward Albee was born on March 12, 1928 in United States.

Playwright who wrote Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, which won the 1963 Tony Award for Best Play.

He attempted to create a musical version of Breakfast at Tiffany's, but it was unsuccessful.

20. Bonnie Greer

Bonnie Greer net worth 2020
Bonnie Greer was born on November 16, 1948 in United States.
She served as Chancellor of London's Kingston University and became a board member at the Royal Opera House, the London Film School, and the British Museum.