Top 20 Playwright celebrities in Canada

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Playwright celebrities [Updated June 10, 2023].

1. Brad Fraser

Brad Fraser net worth 2020
Brad Fraser was born on June 28, 1959 in Edmonton, Canada.
He wrote the movie Love & Human Remains, based on his own play, and contributed to the show Queer as Folk.

2. Ann-Marie MacDonald

Ann-Marie MacDonald net worth 2020
Ann-Marie MacDonald was born on October 29, 1948 in Canada.

3. Norm Foster

Norm Foster was born on February 14, 1949 in Canada.
He won his first acting gig as Elwood P. Dowd in a production of Harvey, without having ever seen a play before.

4. Judith Thompson

Judith Thompson was born on September 20, 1954 in Canada.
She worked as an actor for a full year before defaulting to writing, her true passion.

5. John Caird

John Caird was born on September 22, 1948 in Canada.
He is co-founder of the Caird Company, which produces play festivals and puts on seminars to encourage young directors and writers.

6. Alden Nowlan

Alden Nowlan was born on January 5, 1933 in Canada.
He was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1966.

7. August Schulenburg

August Schulenburg was born on May 5, 1976 in Winnipeg, Canada.
He is a 2013-14 Lark Playwrights Workshop Fellow, a member of the Propulsion Lab for Mission to (dit)Mars, and writes for film and television with MozzleStead Productions.

8. Sharon Pollock

Sharon Pollock was born on April 19, 1936 in Canada.
She founded The Garry Theatre in a low-income area of Calgary and was so passionate about the theater that she refused to take royalties from it.