Top 20 Pilot celebrities in United States

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Pilot celebrities [Updated August 11, 2022].

1. Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh net worth 2020
Charles Lindbergh was born on February 4, 1902 in Detroit, United States.
He received the Medal of Honor, America's highest military accolade, for his flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

Net Worth 2020: $20 Million

2. Chuck Yeager

Chuck Yeager net worth 2020
Chuck Yeager was born on February 13, 1923 in Myra, United States.
He worked his way up to the rank of P-51 Mustang fighter pilot during the World War II years.

Net Worth 2020: $1.5 Million

3. Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart net worth 2020
Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, United States.
In 1935, She joined Purdue's aviation department. She was close friends with Eleanor Roosevelt during the 1930s. In June 1937, the plane she was flying disappeared over the Pacific Ocean and she was declared dead in absentia in January 1939. 

4. Gail Halvorsen

Gail Halvorsen net worth 2020
Gail Halvorsen was born on October 10, 1920 in Salt Lake City, United States.
As a result of his involvement in the West Berlin Airlift operation, he was given a number of nicknames, including the "Chocolate Flyer" and "Uncle Wiggly Wings."

5. Steve Fossett

Steve Fossett net worth 2020
Steve Fossett was born on April 22, 1944 in United States.
He disappeared while preparing for a flight over Nevada.

6. Pappy Boyington

Pappy Boyington net worth 2020
Pappy Boyington was born on December 4, 1912 in United States.
He was declared a prisoner of war after he went missing after he was downed from the sky. He was captured by a Japanese submarine and spent 20 months in Japanese prison camps.

7. Bob Hoover

Bob Hoover net worth 2020
Bob Hoover was born on January 24, 1922 in United States.
His military decorations include the Purple Heart, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Croix de Guerre.

8. Lawrence Sperry

Lawrence Sperry net worth 2020
Lawrence Sperry was born on December 22, 1892 in United States.
His invention of the autopilot allowed the flying of planes at night, and his parachutes and retractable landing gear helped more of his fellow pilots to survive aerial mishaps.

9. Dale Mabry

Dale Mabry net worth 2020
Dale Mabry was born on March 22, 1891 in United States.
The municipal airport in his hometown of Tallahassee, Florida is named in his honor, as is a highway in Tampa, Florida.

10. Bessie Coleman

Bessie Coleman net worth 2020
Bessie Coleman was born on January 26, 1892 in Atlanta, United States.
She received her pilot's license from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale in France.

11. Richard Bong

Richard Bong net worth 2020
Richard Bong was born on September 24, 1920 in Superior, United States.
His habit of taking low-flying joyrides over the streets of San Francisco terrified the city's residents and resulted in much laundry being blown from lines.

12. Hank Cain

Hank Cain net worth 2020
Hank Cain was born on March 12, 1989 in United States.
One of his stunning photos of a frozen Chicago was featured on Business Insider in 2014. 

13. Steven L. Bennett

Steven L. Bennett net worth 2020
Steven L. Bennett was born on April 22, 1946 in United States.
He has been additionally honored by having the ship MV Capt. Steven L. Bennett named after him.

14. Tony Jannus

Tony Jannus net worth 2020
Tony Jannus was born on July 22, 1889 in United States.
He piloted a record-setting 1,973-mile flight from Omaha, Nebraska, to New Orleans, Louisiana, the same year he made the parachute test flight.

15. Kenneth Walker

Kenneth Walker net worth 2020
Kenneth Walker was born on July 17, 1898 in Los Cerrillos, United States.
He was also honored with a Purple Heart, Legion of Merit, Silver Star, and Distinguished Service Cross.

16. Katherine Stinson

Katherine Stinson net worth 2020
Katherine Stinson was born on February 14, 1891 in Fort Payne, United States.
She was among the first female pilots authorized to transport United States airmail.

17. Jacqueline Cochran

Jacqueline Cochran net worth 2020
Jacqueline Cochran was born on May 11, 1906 in Muscoge, United States.
She wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt to propose the creation of a female flight division of the U.S. Army Air Forces.

18. Harriet Quimby

Harriet Quimby net worth 2020
Harriet Quimby was born on May 11, 1875 in Arcadia, United States.
She wrote seven screenplays that were made into silent films.

19. Fred Noonan

Fred Noonan net worth 2020
Fred Noonan was born on April 4, 1893 in United States.

Though he was declared dead on June 20, 1938, he was last seen on July 2, 1937 in New Guinea as part of the trip around the world alongside Amelia Earhart.

The most common thought is that he and Earhart crashed and sunk in the ocean after running out of fuel.

20. Francis Gary Powers

Francis Gary Powers net worth 2020
Francis Gary Powers was born on August 17, 1929 in United States.
During the 1960s and early 1970s, he worked as a test pilot for Lockheed.