Top 20 Pianist celebrities in Austria

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Pianist celebrities [Updated May 11, 2021].

1. Jorg Demus

Jorg Demus net worth 2020
Jorg Demus was born on December 2, 1928 in Austria.
He was a performer with Boston's Peabody Mason Concert series in 1974.

2. Alfred Brendel

Alfred Brendel net worth 2020
Alfred Brendel was born on January 5, 1931 in Austria.
He also liked to compose music, and at his first public recital, he mixed in his own compositions with the works of Bach, Brahms, and Liszt.

3. Paul Badura-Skoda

Paul Badura-Skoda net worth 2020
Paul Badura-Skoda was born on October 6, 1927 in Austria.
He worked with some of music's most distinguished conductors, such as Wilhelm Furtwängler and Herbert von Karajan.

4. Friedrich Gulda

Friedrich Gulda was born on May 16, 1930 in Austria.
He founded the International Musikforum, a school for those wishing to study improvisation.

5. Ingrid Haebler

Ingrid Haebler net worth 2020
Ingrid Haebler was born on June 20, 1929 in Austria.
She recorded all of Mozart's piano sonatas on the Denon label to great acclaim, even though concert pianist and piano teacher Joyce Hatto fraudulently attempted to claim them as her own.

6. Ilse von Alpenheim

Ilse von Alpenheim net worth 2020
Ilse von Alpenheim was born on February 11, 1927 in Austria.
She collaborated with many chamber musicians, including Max Rostal, Henryk Szeryng, and the Amadeus Quartet.

7. Henri Herz

Henri Herz net worth 2020
Henri Herz was born on January 6, 1803 in Austria.
He established the legendary concert hall Salle des Concerts Herz on the rue de la Victoire in 1838.

8. Gerry Weil

Gerry Weil net worth 2020
Gerry Weil was born on August 11, 1939 in Vienna, Austria.

9. Ernst Pauer

Ernst Pauer net worth 2020
Ernst Pauer was born on December 21, 1826 in Austria.
He served on the National Training School for Music staff from 1859 until 1864.

10. Carl Czerny

Carl Czerny net worth 2020
Carl Czerny was born on February 21, 1791 in Austria.
He also became a successful piano teacher, giving up to 12 lessons each day to Viennese nobility.

11. Karl Ulrich Schnabel

Karl Ulrich Schnabel was born on August 6, 1909 in Austria.
He managed a Massachusetts electronic laboratory during World War II as part of his war efforts on behalf of the United States.

12. Anton Kuerti

Anton Kuerti was born on July 21, 1938 in Austria.
He became one of the most recorded artists of his day.

13. Otakar Hollmann

Otakar Hollmann was born on January 29, 1894 in Austria.
He commissioned many works, including compositions by Josef Bohuslav Foerster, Václav Kaprál, and Jarmil Burghauser.