Top 20 Physicians celebrities in United States

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Physicians celebrities [Updated August 11, 2022].

1. Patch Adams

Patch Adams net worth 2020
Patch Adams was born on May 28, 1945 in Washington, D.C., United States.

Net Worth 2020: $2 Million

2. Joseph Erlanger

Joseph Erlanger net worth 2020
Joseph Erlanger was born on January 5, 1874 in San Francisco, United States.

3. Andrew Taylor Still

Andrew Taylor Still net worth 2020
Andrew Taylor Still was born on August 6, 1828 in Lee County, United States.

4. Harvey Williams Cushing

Harvey Williams Cushing net worth 2020
Harvey Williams Cushing was born on April 8, 1869 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

5. Paul Farmer

Paul Farmer net worth 2020
Paul Farmer was born on October 26, 1959 in North Adams, Massachusetts, United States.

6. Philip Showalter Hench

Philip Showalter Hench net worth 2020
Philip Showalter Hench was born on February 28, 1896 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, United States.

7. George Richards Minot

George Richards Minot net worth 2020
George Richards Minot was born on December 2, 1885 in Boston, United States.

8. Orvan Hess

Orvan Hess net worth 2020
Orvan Hess was born on June 18, 1906 in Lackawaxen Township, United States.

9. James Ewing

James Ewing net worth 2020
James Ewing was born on December 25, 1866 in United States.
Although he discovered a cancer of the tissue he himself died from bladder cancer at the age of 76.