Top 20 Photographer celebrities in India

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Photographer celebrities [Updated March 26, 2023].

1. Dabboo Ratnani

Dabboo Ratnani net worth 2020
Dabboo Ratnani was born on December 24, 1971 in India.
He has worked as a cover photographer for such publications as Cosmopolitan, Better Homes and Gardens, and Elle. In 2006, he served as a judge for the Miss India pageant.

2. Rohan Shrestha

Rohan Shrestha was born on March 6, 1985 in Mumbai, India.
He shot ad campaigns for Pepsi, Loreal, and Hermès. 

3. Amit Khanna

Amit Khanna was born on July 25, 1983 in Mumbai, India.
He created a web series titled All About Section 377.

4. Vipul Sharma

Vipul Sharma net worth 2020
Vipul Sharma was born on April 13, 1988 in India.
In addition to his own photography, he is also known for founding the Vipul Sharma Graphic Academy where he offers classes, helpful tips, and extensive workshops for students who wish to pursue a career as a professional photographer.

5. Vinit Modi

Vinit Modi net worth 2020
Vinit Modi was born on June 6, 1986 in Indore, India.
He sells prints of his photographs through his self-titled website. 

6. Sonu Ramgharia

Sonu Ramgharia net worth 2020
Sonu Ramgharia was born on October 22, 1990 in India.
He was featured in an issue of Urban Melange where he discussed both his wedding and travel photography in depth. 

7. Sajid Shahid

Sajid Shahid net worth 2020
Sajid Shahid was born on June 9, 1990 in Delhi, India.

Celebrity and fashion photographer behind the project Helly Shah's Dreamy Pictures who has also worked with TV celebrities such as Pearl V Puri, Randeep Rai, Zain Imam and Abhilash Kumar.

He had an ultimate dream to become a film director. His iamsajidshahid Instagram account has 60,000 followers.

8. Varun Aditya

Varun Aditya net worth 2020
Varun Aditya was born on January 18, 1991 in India.
His works have been published in BBC, Apple, National Geographic, and Huffington Post. He also founded Expanded Expeditions.

9. Amanpreet Kaur

Amanpreet Kaur net worth 2020
Amanpreet Kaur was born on October 21, 1987 in India.
She is known for having collaborated and photographed for a range of clothing companies and fashion lines including Ishita Kapoor, Zooomberg, and Palanquine. 

10. Ankit Dhame

Ankit Dhame net worth 2020
Ankit Dhame was born on September 1, 1996 in India.
He was listed as one of the Top 13 Indian Instagrammers on the ScoopWhoop Website and has also been interviewed by FStop Magazine and Pixean. Also a singer/songwriter, he has released music on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and other streaming services. 

11. Ganesh Vanare

Ganesh Vanare net worth 2020
Ganesh Vanare was born on June 26, 1994 in India.
He has won multiple GoPro Awards.

12. Mohammed Aneez

Mohammed Aneez net worth 2020
Mohammed Aneez was born on March 17, 1994 in India.
He has collaborated with or partnered with such brands as Daniel Wellington, Facebook BluePrint, Converse, Apple, Wrangler, Pepsi and Farfetch. 

13. Nimit Nigam

Nimit Nigam net worth 2020
Nimit Nigam was born on February 26, 1989 in Delhi, India.
He uses various techniques when getting shots including astro and drone photography. He's also been a brand ambassador for NiSi Filters India. 

14. Shaaz Jung

Shaaz Jung net worth 2020
Shaaz Jung was born on January 28, 1988 in India.
He opened wildlife lodges in India and Africa called The Bison Resort.

15. Surbhi Kaushik

Surbhi Kaushik net worth 2020
Surbhi Kaushik was born on April 8, 1991 in Haryana, India.
She worked with Amazon and Gartner before founding GoodShotz. She is an accomplished painter as well, and has accrued more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

16. Nirav Patel

Nirav Patel net worth 2020
Nirav Patel was born on May 11, 1982 in India.

Portrait and editorial photographer whose work has been featured in a number of publications including This is Paper Magazine, Hello! Celebrity Magazine, iGNANT and Kinfolk. He has also photographed the weddings of actress Riley Keough, and musicians such as Charity Rose Thielen and Matthew Gervais.

He was listed as one of Forbes Best of Instagram Portrait Photographers. 

17. Rufus Reynolds

Rufus Reynolds net worth 2020
Rufus Reynolds was born on February 6, 1983 in India.
He was gifted his first DSLR camera at the age of 32.

18. Shani Shaki

Shani Shaki net worth 2020
Shani Shaki was born on December 28, 1982 in India.
He assisted in the shooting Vogue India's June 2017 cover. 

19. Vineet Vohra

Vineet Vohra net worth 2020
Vineet Vohra was born on November 2, 1973 in Delhi, India.

20. Prasad Naik

Prasad Naik net worth 2020
Prasad Naik was born on April 24, 1978 in India.
He has been featured on the covers and inside editorials of several different magazines and press outlets including Vogue, GQ, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle Magazine. He was also awarded the Photographer of the Year at the Vogue Beauty Awards in 2013.