Top 20 Photographer celebrities in China

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Photographer celebrities [Updated March 31, 2023].

1. Zhang Jingna

Zhang Jingna was born on May 4, 1988 in China.
She and her work have been featured in a variety of different magazines and press outlets including Digital Photo Pro, Harpers Bazaar, and Vogue Japan. 

2. Zhang JiaCheng

Zhang JiaCheng net worth 2020
Zhang JiaCheng was born on October 10, 1992 in China.
Her photo was featured on the cover of T Magazine China in June of 2018. 

3. Peter Yan

Peter Yan net worth 2020
Peter Yan was born on March 11, 1986 in China.
He traveled to more than 30 countries. He has earned more than 190,000 followers for his yantastic Instagram account.

4. Alice Gao

Alice Gao net worth 2020
Alice Gao was born on December 8, 1987 in China.
Throughout her prolific photography career she has worked with clients like Conde Nast, Harper Collins, the Food Network, and a dozen more prominent companies.

5. Luo Yang

Luo Yang net worth 2020
Luo Yang was born on January 29, 1984 in Shenyang, China.
She was featured in a DAZED Magazine article in June of 2018 entitled "Snow Women Rebelling Against Classic Chinese Femininity". 

6. Kai Z Feng

Kai Z Feng net worth 2020
Kai Z Feng was born on December 12, 1982 in Shanghai, China.

Photographer who has become known as one of the most famous and respected fashion photographers in China. He has worked for major fashion brands like Hugo Boss and done portraits of big name celebrities like Jennifer LopezKaty Perry and Bruno Mars.

He became the first Chinese photographer to be employed by Burberry. 

7. Ren Hang

Ren Hang was born on March 30, 1987 in China.
He started taking photography as a serious art form in 2008.

8. Victor Cheng

Victor Cheng was born on July 3, 1992 in China.
He has worked and collaborated with a variety of different clients including Cathy Pacific, Facebook, Air B&B, and Cannon. He has also been featured in several publications ranging from CNN to The Telegraph, to The Huffington Post. 

9. Will Cho

Will Cho was born on April 6, 1989 in China.
His photography won National Geographic's Most Popular award in Hong Kong's 2013 Photo Contest. 

10. Thomas Fung

Thomas Fung was born on August 17, 1989 in Hong Kong, China.
He launched his own concept ice cream brand called Teemtone.

11. Bonnie Tsang

Bonnie Tsang was born on December 12, 1974 in Hong Kong, China.

Photographer who was invited to the White House by Michelle Obama to preview the release of the official White House State China service for the Obama Administration. She has more than 70,000 followers on her bonnietsang Instagram account.

She has worked with international clients like Gap to Estée Lauder and has had her work featured in Time, The Atlantic, Bon Appétit, and InStyle.

12. Timmy Lo

Timmy Lo was born on July 27, 1985 in China.
His favorite place to work is the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre. 

13. ChenMan

ChenMan was born on June 3, 1980 in China.
Her work has been featured on the covers of several different magazines including Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, and Esquire.