Top 20 Painter celebrities in Australia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Painter celebrities [Updated November 30, 2022].

1. Albert Namatjira

Albert Namatjira net worth 2020
Albert Namatjira was born on July 28, 1902 in Australia.
His artwork included Central Australian Landscape and Flowering Shrubs.

2. Sidney Nolan

Sidney Nolan net worth 2020
Sidney Nolan was born on April 22, 1917 in Australia.
He was made a Knight Bachelor for his service to the arts in 1981.

3. Ellie Kammer

Ellie Kammer net worth 2020
Ellie Kammer was born on January 3, 1991 in Australia.
In addition to her Instagram, she also runs a big cartel website and online web store which features prints and original paintings for sale. She has also been featured in several press outlets including an interview in the Huffington Post. 

4. Aelita Andre

Aelita Andre net worth 2020
Aelita Andre was born on January 9, 2007 in Melbourne, Australia.
Her second solo exhibition, "Secret Universe," was held in the summer of 2012 at New York's Agora Gallery.

5. Sam Yong

Sam Yong net worth 2020
Sam Yong was born on September 18, 1986 in Melbourne, Australia.
He runs and operates his own online web store at where he sells both prints and original artworks.  

6. Ken Done

Ken Done net worth 2020
Ken Done was born on June 29, 1940 in Australia.
He became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 1988 and received an Order of Australia for his art services in 1992.

7. Frederick McCubbin

Frederick McCubbin net worth 2020
Frederick McCubbin was born on February 25, 1855 in Australia.
He was a founding member of the Australian Art Association in 1912.

8. Fintan Magee

Fintan Magee net worth 2020
Fintan Magee was born on October 4, 1985 in Lismore, Australia.
He was a contributor to Toowoomba's "First Coat" program.

9. Loui Jover

Loui Jover net worth 2020
Loui Jover was born on April 18, 1967 in Australia.
He was employed as an illustrator repographic for the Australian Army. He has 40,000 followers on his louijover Instagram account. 

10. Margaret Olley

Margaret Olley net worth 2020
Margaret Olley was born on June 24, 1923 in Australia.
A friend of fellow painters Ben Quilty, Russell Drysdale, and William Dobell, she was the subject of several of these artists' award-winning portraits.

11. Sharon Silver Davson

Sharon Silver Davson net worth 2020
Sharon Silver Davson was born on April 26, 1954 in Australia.
Her paintings, drawings, etchings, and prints inspired more than eighty poems by Australian author Celia Berrell.

12. Alex Louisa

Alex Louisa net worth 2020
Alex Louisa was born on August 7, 1984 in Australia.
She runs a self-titled website where she sells a variety of original paintings, prints, and offers online drawing lessons to her wide range of fans. 

13. Georgia Sverns

Georgia Sverns was born on January 21, 1992 in Australia.
Between selling her unique paintings on Instagram, she has worked as the area manager for Cotton On Group. 

14. Mitch Gobel

Mitch Gobel was born on March 23, 1990 in Melbourne, Australia.
In addition to his art, he is involved in several conservation projects through the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and Wild Life Warriors where he has made a donation of 25,000. 

15. David Boyd

David Boyd was born on August 23, 1924 in Australia.
His 1957 paintings of Australian explorers were controversial in their focus on the plight of the Aboriginals whose lives were disrupted by exploration.

16. Brett Whiteley

Brett Whiteley was born on April 7, 1939 in Australia.

Avant-garde artist known for his portraits, landscape paintings, and unique sculptures. His "Head of Christie" represented his 1964 fascination with murderer John Christie.

He was a two-time recipient of the Archibald Prize, an honor awarded to Australian portrait painters. He also won the Wynne and Sulman prizes twice.

17. Arthur Boyd

Arthur Boyd was born on July 24, 1920 in Australia.
He was a member of two prominent Australian artistic groups: the Antipodeans and the Angry Penguins.

18. Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan was born on June 19, 1949 in Australia.
She is known for being the creator of Chalk Paint, a paint brand and company that allows for mixing, blending, and dyeing and offers a wide range of colors and styles that can be used on a variety of surfaces. 

19. Adam Cullen

Adam Cullen was born on October 9, 1965 in Australia.
For the 2000 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize exhibition, he created an image of the prominent Australian comedian and television host Mikey Robins.