Top 20 Opera Singer celebrities in France

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Opera Singer celebrities [Updated March 26, 2023].

1. Natalie Dessay

Natalie Dessay net worth 2020
Natalie Dessay was born on April 19, 1965 in France.
A documentary about her role as Violetta in La Traviata called Becoming Traviata was released in 2013.

2. Lily Pons

Lily Pons net worth 2020
Lily Pons was born on April 12, 1898 in Draguignan, France.
Known for her sophisticated tastes, she was featured in magazine articles about fashion and interior design, and she also appeared in advertising campaigns for Knox, Lockheed, and Libby's.

3. Amaury Vassili

Amaury Vassili net worth 2020
Amaury Vassili was born on June 8, 1989 in France.
Though he didn't perform in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, he was France's spokesperson, reading the French voting results.

4. Emma Shapplin

Emma Shapplin net worth 2020
Emma Shapplin was born on May 19, 1974 in France.
She has combined opera, trance, rock, and pop styles in her music.

5. Emma Chaplin

Emma Chaplin was born on May 19, 1974 in France.
She worked with Graeme Revell on the score of the 2000 science fiction film Red Planet.