Top 20 Novelist celebrities in the world

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Novelist celebrities [Updated June 5, 2023].

1. Charles R. Johnson

Charles R. Johnson net worth 2020
Charles R. Johnson was born on April 23, 1948 in Evanston, United States.
He was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship and a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Net Worth 2020: $6.7 Billion

2. James Patterson

James Patterson net worth 2020
James Patterson was born on March 22, 1947 in Newburgh, United States.
He is best known for his series of books about the adventures of fictional psychologist Alex Cross.

Net Worth 2020: $800 Million


Salary 2020: $90 Million Per Year

3. Gene Roddenberry

Gene Roddenberry net worth 2020
Gene Roddenberry was born on August 19, 1921 in El Paso, United States.
He was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame because of the huge success of the Star Trek series.

Net Worth 2020: $500 Million

4. Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho net worth 2020
Paulo Coelho was born on August 24, 1947 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
His novel, Veronika Decides to Die, was adapted into a film.

Net Worth 2020: $500 Million

5. Stephen King

Stephen King net worth 2020
Stephen King was born on September 21, 1947 in Portland, United States.

Author whose bestselling horror, science fiction, and suspense novels include Carrie, The Shining, Misery, and The Dark Tower series. His numerous literary honors include a Bram Stoker Award, an O. Henry Award, and a National Book Foundation Medal.

He was hit by a van in 1999, an accident that collapsed his lung and broke his hip. Shortly after the accident, however, he returned to writing fiction seven days a week.

Net Worth 2020: $500 Million

6. Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts net worth 2020
Nora Roberts was born on October 10, 1950 in Silver Spring, United States.
She has written under several pseudonyms, including J.D. Robb, Jill March, and Sarah Hardesty.

Net Worth 2020: $390 Million


Salary 2020: $20 Million Per Year

7. Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel net worth 2020
Danielle Steel was born on August 14, 1947 in New York City, United States.
She was named the bestselling living author and the eighth best selling author of all time.

Net Worth 2020: $385 Million

8. John Grisham

John Grisham net worth 2020
John Grisham was born on February 8, 1955 in Jonesboro, United States.
He is one of only a handful of novelists whose initial book printing yielded two million sold copies.

Net Worth 2020: $350 Million


Salary 2020: $50 Million Per Year

9. Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy net worth 2020
Tom Clancy was born on April 12, 1947 in Baltimore, United States.
In addition to being a writer, he also became a partial owner of the Baltimore Orioles.

Net Worth 2020: $300 Million

10. Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz net worth 2020
Dean Koontz was born on July 9, 1945 in Everett, United States.
He earned a spot as one of the highest paid authors in the world, averaging $25 million per year.

Net Worth 2020: $200 Million

11. Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer net worth 2020
Jeffrey Archer was born in London, England.
The publication of his first novel saved him from bankruptcy.

Net Worth 2020: $200 Million

12. Allison Dubois

Allison Dubois net worth 2020
Allison Dubois was born on January 24, 1972 in Phoenix, United States.
She has been accused by skeptics such as James Randi of employing cold reading techniques and not having true psychic abilities.

Net Worth 2020: $200 Million

13. Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins net worth 2020
Jackie Collins was born on October 4, 1937 in London, England.
She received inspiration for her novels by having her own sexual experiences with actor Marlon Brando when she was just fifteen years old.

Net Worth 2020: $180 Million

14. Dan Brown

Dan Brown net worth 2020
Dan Brown was born on June 22, 1964 in Exeter, United States.

Author of the bestselling suspense novel The Da Vinci Code. Dan Brown's other popular works include Angels & Demons and The Lost Symbol.

Actor Tom Hanks starred in the 2006 film adaptation of The Da Vinci Code. Both the book and the film stirred religious controversy upon their release.

Net Worth 2020: $160 Million


Salary 2020: $20 Million Per Year

15. Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich net worth 2020
Janet Evanovich was born on April 22, 1943 in South River, United States.
She published Metro Girl, the first novel in her Barnaby trilogy, in 2004.

Net Worth 2020: $120 Million


Salary 2020: $20 Million Per Year

16. Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming net worth 2020
Ian Fleming was born on May 28, 1908 in London, England.
The film adaptations of his James Bond novels starred such actors as Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig, and Roger Moore.

Net Worth 2020: $100 Million

17. John Le Carre

John Le Carre net worth 2020
John Le Carre was born on October 19, 1931 in England.

British author known for The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and other bestselling espionage novels. John Le Carre received the prestigious Goethe Medal in 2011.

John Le Carre was born David John Moore Cornwell and chose to write under the pseudonym of John le Carre.

Net Worth 2020: $100 Million

18. Sue Grafton

Sue Grafton net worth 2020
Sue Grafton was born on April 24, 1940 in Louisville, United States.
She received the Grand Master Award from the Mystery Writers of America association.

Net Worth 2020: $75 Million

19. Richard Wright

Richard Wright net worth 2020
Richard Wright was born on September 4, 1908 in Roxie, United States.
He claimed that writing was the tool he found most useful to question race relations in America.

Net Worth 2020: $70 million (2018)

20. Anne Rice

Anne Rice net worth 2020
Anne Rice was born on October 4, 1941 in New Orleans, United States.
Her popular Vampire Chronicles series exemplifies the genre of Gothic fiction.

Net Worth 2020: $60 Million