Top 20 Novelist celebrities in Canada

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Novelist celebrities [Updated May 30, 2023].

1. Farley Mowat

Farley Mowat net worth 2020
Farley Mowat was born on May 12, 1921 in Belleville, Canada.
His short story, Eskimo Spring, won the University of Western Ontario's President's Medal.

2. Marshall McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan net worth 2020
Marshall McLuhan was born on July 21, 1911 in Edmonton, Canada.
His careful study of the work of theologian G. K. Chesterton spurred his 1937 conversion to Roman Catholicism.

3. WP Kinsella

WP Kinsella net worth 2020
WP Kinsella was born on May 25, 1935 in Canada.
In 1997 he was struck by a car and suffered a debilitating head injury which prevented him from publishing another novel for 14 years.

4. Cici B

Cici B net worth 2020
Cici B was born on February 25, 1987 in Canada.
In late 2016, she published Spilled Words: The Crimson Kiss Quote Collection.

5. Gordon R. Dickson

Gordon R. Dickson net worth 2020
Gordon R. Dickson was born on November 1, 1923 in Edmonton, Canada.
He published, in addition to science fiction novels, numerous short story collections (i.e., Invaders! and The Stranger) and several works of children's fiction (i.e., Secrets of the Deep).

6. Christopher G. Moore

Christopher G. Moore net worth 2020
Christopher G. Moore was born on July 8, 1952 in Canada.
His novels have been translated into Japanese, Hebrew, and Thai, among many other languages.

7. Chief Dan George

Chief Dan George net worth 2020
Chief Dan George was born on July 24, 1899 in Vancouver, Canada.
He received his first acting gig, in the CBC series, Cariboo Country, when he was sixty years old.

8. Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery net worth 2020
Lucy Maud Montgomery was born on November 30, 1874 in Canada.
The eight novels in her popular Anne of Green Gables series take place on Montgomery's native Prince Edward Island and follow heroine Anne Shirley as she matures from an outspoken orphan girl to the intelligent, still-spunky wife of childhood love, Gilbert Blythe.

9. Tara Moss

Tara Moss net worth 2020
Tara Moss was born on October 2, 1973 in Canada.
Also a journalist and television host, she presented the popular television programs Tough Nuts - Australia's Hardest Criminals, Tara Moss in Conversation and Tara Moss Investigates.

10. Will James

Will James net worth 2020
Will James was born on June 6, 1892 in Canada.
His last work, The American Cowboy, was published the year of his death.

11. Susan Swan

Susan Swan net worth 2020
Susan Swan was born on June 9, 1945 in Canada.
Her novels, which she describes as "sexual gothic" or "gender gothic" in terms of tone and content, stirred some controversy upon their publication.

12. Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn net worth 2020
Mark Steyn was born on December 8, 1959 in Canada.
He received the 2006 Eric Breindel Award for Excellence in Opinion Journalism.

13. Margaret Lawrence

Margaret Lawrence net worth 2020
Margaret Lawrence was born on July 18, 1926 in Canada.
She was a two-time recipient of the prestigious Governor General's Award.

14. Jane Urquhart

Jane Urquhart net worth 2020
Jane Urquhart was born on June 21, 1949 in Canada.
She was awarded the Trillium Book Award, The Governor General's Award, and the Commonwealth Writers' Prize.

15. Elizabeth Hay

Elizabeth Hay net worth 2020
Elizabeth Hay was born on October 22, 1951 in Canada.
She was honored in 2002 when the Writers' Trust of Canada presented her with the prestigious Marian Engel Award for her body of literary work.

16. Joseph Boyden

Joseph Boyden net worth 2020
Joseph Boyden was born on October 31, 1966 in Canada.
His literary honors include the Scotiabank Giller Prize, the Canada Reads Award, and the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize.

17. Kelley Armstrong

Kelley Armstrong net worth 2020
Kelley Armstrong was born on December 14, 1968 in Canada.
Her most famous series, Women of the Otherworld, features such innovations as a female werewolf and multiple narrators inhabiting a shared universe.

18. R Scott Bakker

R Scott Bakker net worth 2020
R Scott Bakker was born on February 2, 1967 in Canada.
In 2010, he began a WordPress blog called "Three Pound Brain."

19. Ranj Dhaliwal

Ranj Dhaliwal net worth 2020
Ranj Dhaliwal was born on July 14, 1976 in Vancouver, Canada.
In 2008, he was elected to lead a highly-contested Sikh temple in Surrey, British Columbia.

20. Tomson Highway

Tomson Highway net worth 2020
Tomson Highway was born on December 6, 1951 in Canada.
He penned a 1998 novel titled Kiss of the Fur Queen and wrote Dragonfly Kites, Caribou Song, and other acclaimed children's books. He was the 2001 recipient of a National Aboriginal Achievement Award.