Top 20 Novelist celebrities in Belgium

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Novelist celebrities [Updated March 31, 2023].

1. Herman Teirlinck

Herman Teirlinck net worth 2020
Herman Teirlinck was born on February 24, 1879 in Belgium.
He had a life-long love of the theatre. In addition to writing plays, he founded the Studio Herman Teirlinck, an Antwerp school devoted to the training of actors.

2. Georges Simenon

Georges Simenon net worth 2020
Georges Simenon was born on February 13, 1903 in Liege, Belgium.
He sometimes wrote up to 60 or 80 pages in one day.

3. Octave Maus

Octave Maus net worth 2020
Octave Maus was born on June 12, 1856 in Belgium.
He founded a Brussels artistic society called La Libre Esthetique in 1894.

4. Suzanne Lilar

Suzanne Lilar net worth 2020
Suzanne Lilar was born on May 21, 1901 in Ghent, Belgium.
She wrote numerous critical essays on plays, playwrights, and the development of the theatre.

5. Johan Daisne

Johan Daisne was born on September 2, 1912 in Belgium.
He became Ghent's chief librarian in 1945.

6. Jean Ray

Jean Ray was born on July 8, 1887 in Belgium.

7. Pierre Ryckmans

Pierre Ryckmans was born on September 28, 1935 in Belgium.
He was a Professor of Chinese Studies at the University of Sydney from 1987-1993.

8. Julio Cortazar

Julio Cortazar was born on August 26, 1914 in Belgium.

Argentine novelist, short story writer, and essayist best known for his association with the literary group the Latin American Boom. Julio Cortazar is best recognized for his novels Rayuela, Los Premios, and Book of Manuel. 

In addition to his novels, stories, and poetry, Julio Cortazar is also known for having published a graphic novel in 1975 entitled Fantomas Against the Multinational Vampires.