Top 20 Novelist celebrities in Australia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Novelist celebrities [Updated June 5, 2023].

1. Colleen McCullough

Colleen McCullough net worth 2020
Colleen McCullough was born on June 1, 1937 in Australia.
She taught in the Department of Neurology at Yale Medical School in New Haven, Connecticut from 1967 to 1976.

Net Worth 2020: $8 Million

2. Henry Lawson

Henry Lawson net worth 2020
Henry Lawson was born on June 17, 1867 in Grenfell, Australia.
His image appeared on a 1949 Australian postage stamp.

3. PL Travers

PL Travers net worth 2020
PL Travers was born on August 9, 1899 in Maryborough, Australia.
She was deeply unsatisfied with the Disney film adaptation of Mary Poppins and refused to allow a sequel to be produced.

4. Peter Carey

Peter Carey net worth 2020
Peter Carey was born on May 7, 1943 in Australia.
He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1989.

5. Philippa Christian

Philippa Christian net worth 2020
Philippa Christian was born on October 20, 1987 in Australia.

Known as the "Number 1 Nanny" in Australia, or, "Australia's Nanny to the Stars," she rose to fame after working as a nanny for a number of celebrities including cricketer Shane Warne and tennis player Lleyton Hewitt.

She published a novel titled Nanny Confidential and began filming her first reality TV show in Los Angeles about life as a celebrity nanny.

6. Kerry Greenwood

Kerry Greenwood net worth 2020
Kerry Greenwood was born on June 17, 1954 in Australia.
Her young adult novel The Three-Pronged Dagger (2002) won the Davitt Award. Her other honors include the Aurealis Award (for The Broken Wheel) and the Ned Kelly Award for lifetime contribution to the crime writing genre.

7. John Flanagan

John Flanagan net worth 2020
John Flanagan was born on May 22, 1944 in Sydney, Australia.
His 2008 work, Erak's Ransom, won the Australian Publishers Association's Book of the Year for Older Children Award.

8. Joan Lindsay

Joan Lindsay net worth 2020
Joan Lindsay was born on November 16, 1896 in Melbourne, Australia.
In addition to her works of fiction and non-fiction, she wrote several plays, though these were never published and only one, Wolf, was performed.

9. Guy Boohby

Guy Boohby net worth 2020
Guy Boohby was born on October 13, 1867 in Australia.
He wrote a number of collections of popular ghost stories, which were included in his collections Uncle Joe's Legacy and Other Stories.

10. Garth Nix

Garth Nix net worth 2020
Garth Nix was born on July 19, 1963 in Melbourne, Australia.
He is best known for his young adult fantasy fiction; however, he also published the Very Clever Baby series for younger audiences.

11. Sean Williams

Sean Williams net worth 2020
Sean Williams was born on May 23, 1967 in Australia.
He won the Writers of the Future contest, which he later judged.

12. Shirley Hazzard

Shirley Hazzard net worth 2020
Shirley Hazzard was born on January 30, 1931 in Sydney, Australia.
She received the O. Henry Award for her 1976 short story, "A Long Story Short."

13. Tim Winton

Tim Winton net worth 2020
Tim Winton was born on August 4, 1960 in Australia.
He created The Tim Winton Young Writers Award to encourage children in Perth, Australia, to write short stories.

14. Matthew Reilly

Matthew Reilly net worth 2020
Matthew Reilly was born on July 2, 1974 in Sydney, Australia.
He sold over 3.5 million copies of his books. The rights to the television version of his Jack West series were bought by the ABC network in the United States.

15. Jay Kristoff

Jay Kristoff net worth 2020
Jay Kristoff was born on November 11, 1973 in Perth, Australia.
His novella The Last Stormdancer earned him the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Short Fiction in 2013.

16. Chris Clark

Chris Clark net worth 2020
Chris Clark was born on March 14, 1960 in Australia.

Known best for his Wolfson History Prize-winning work Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia, 1600-1947, Clark also published a biography of Kaiser Wilhelm II and a Los Angeles Times Book Prize-winning work titled The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went To War In 1914.

In the early 1990s, Chris Clark began teaching in Cambridge's Modern European History department.

17. Robert Hughes

Robert Hughes was born on July 28, 1938 in Australia.
He hosted a 1990s documentary television series titled American Visions that discussed art produced in the United States from the late Eighteenth Century to the modern day.

18. Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor was born on December 26, 1946 in Australia.
He won six Ditmar awards between 1982 and 1990 and two Aurealis awards.

19. George Turner

George Turner was born on October 15, 1916 in Melbourne, Australia.

Australian writer and literary critic best known for his science fiction novels, The Cupboard Under the Stairs and The Lame Dog Man. His 1988 novel, The Sea and Summer won the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award.

In 1984, he published his autobiography titled In the Heart or in the Head: An Essay in Time Travel.

20. Blanche Dalpuget

Blanche Dalpuget was born on January 3, 1944 in Australia.
Her 1981 work, Turtle Beach, won The Age Novel of the Year Award in 1982.