Top 20 Model celebrities in Chile

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Model celebrities [Updated May 24, 2022].

1. Pia Miller

Pia Miller net worth 2020
Pia Miller was born on November 2, 1983 in Vina del Mar, Chile.
She worked for Qantas airlines as an in-flight television entertainer and travel ambassador.

2. Kika Silva

Kika Silva net worth 2020
Kika Silva was born on March 18, 1992 in Santiago, Chile.
She was a guest star on the soap opera series Soltera Otra Vez in 2013. 

3. Josefina Montane

Josefina Montane net worth 2020
Josefina Montane was born on April 16, 1988 in Santiago, Chile.
She's also an actress and her first prominent role was in the televnovela, Single Again in 2012.

4. Ingrid Aceiton

Ingrid Aceiton net worth 2020
Ingrid Aceiton was born on September 19, 1993 in Santiago, Chile.
In addition to her modeling, she is also known for being a student in Prevention Engineering. 

5. Connie Moll

Connie Moll net worth 2020
Connie Moll was born on January 18, 1995 in Chile.
Outside her modeling career, she has also worked as a dog groomer. She's amassed more than 370,000 followers on her Instagram account conniemollb. 

6. Catalina Vallejos

Catalina Vallejos net worth 2020
Catalina Vallejos was born on October 10, 1989 in Chile.
Following her wins on Calle 7, she became a host for the series' web show for its sixth season.

7. Trinidad De La Noi

Trinidad De La Noi net worth 2020
Trinidad De La Noi was born on April 24, 1998 in Santiago, Chile.
She has garnered over 280,000 Instagram followers and counting.

8. Valentina Caballero

Valentina Caballero net worth 2020
Valentina Caballero was born on June 8, 1992 in Santiago, Chile.
Her mix of daily adventures and modeling shots has earned her more than 400,000 followers on Instagram.

9. Valentina Flores

Valentina Flores net worth 2020
Valentina Flores was born on March 5, 1996 in Chile.
In 2017 she became a brand ambassador for juice company Oxygene Chile. 

10. Silvina Varas

Silvina Varas net worth 2020
Silvina Varas was born on July 22, 1993 in Chile.
In December 2017 she starred in Javiera Garcia's music video Ojos Morochos. 

11. Jacqueline Gaete

Jacqueline Gaete net worth 2020
Jacqueline Gaete was born on June 3, 1987 in Santiago, Chile.
She's also appeared on other reality shows Más vale tarde and Salta si puedes.

12. Isidora Antonia de Solminihac

Isidora Antonia de Solminihac net worth 2020
Isidora Antonia de Solminihac was born on June 5, 1995 in Chile.
She played a ballerina in the 2018 short film HWood. She has over 50,000 followers on her isidorades Instagram account.

13. Cristobal Alvarez Leiva

Cristobal Alvarez Leiva net worth 2020
Cristobal Alvarez Leiva was born on June 8, 1990 in Concepcion, Chile.
He practiced mixed martial arts and boxing.

14. Cristina Aranguiz

Cristina Aranguiz net worth 2020
Cristina Aranguiz was born on July 1, 1990 in Santiago, Chile.
She still makes promotional appearances in addition to her duties running AP.

15. Aynara Eder

Aynara Eder net worth 2020
Aynara Eder was born on September 3, 1988 in Chile.
In September 2018, she and her dance group The Divas toured Chile with their show Dulce Placer. 

16. Gabi Fuentes

Gabi Fuentes net worth 2020
Gabi Fuentes was born on October 16, 1995 in Chile.
She was featured as a model in Vogue Mexico's January 2015 edition. She was also featured in an edition of Schon Magazine in May of 2016 and on the cover of Modern Luxury Weddings in June of 2017. 

17. Paula Aracena

Paula Aracena net worth 2020
Paula Aracena was born on January 31, 1994 in Chile.
She was previously the community manager for the Furious Gaming organization. 

18. Francisca Undurraga

Francisca Undurraga net worth 2020
Francisca Undurraga was born on December 6, 1984 in Chile.
She also has more than 240,000 followers on Twitter and was a finalist for the 2015 Reina de Colina.

19. Elita Lofblad

Elita Lofblad net worth 2020
Elita Lofblad was born on August 16, 1980 in Chile.
She has been featured in a number of adult videos for Playboy.

20. Daniella Chavez

Daniella Chavez net worth 2020
Daniella Chavez was born on October 26, 1985 in Chile.
She has gained over 13 million Instagram followers and counting.