Top 20 Metal Singer celebrities in Sweden

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Metal Singer celebrities [Updated January 28, 2023].

1. Endigo

Endigo was born on March 10, 1992 in Sweden.
He has also established himself on YouTube, with more than 500,000 subscribers for his vlog, gaming, and music related content.

2. Anette Olzon

Anette Olzon net worth 2020
Anette Olzon was born on June 21, 1971 in Sweden.
She has also released albums with Alyson Avenue and came out with a solo album in 2013.

3. Peter Dolving

Peter Dolving net worth 2020
Peter Dolving was born on October 24, 1969 in Sweden.
He is a noted visual artist.

4. Jens Kidman

Jens Kidman net worth 2020
Jens Kidman was born on June 8, 1966 in Sweden.
Fans know him for his aggressive vocal style.

5. Erik Grönwall

Erik Grönwall net worth 2020
Erik Grönwall was born on December 3, 1987 in Sweden.
He starred as Simon Zealotes in NBC's live television musical production of Jesus Christ Superstar

6. Johannes Eckerstrom

Johannes Eckerstrom net worth 2020
Johannes Eckerstrom was born on July 2, 1986 in Sweden.
Avatar has performed at countless renowned festivals including Rock on the Range, Louder Than Life, and Carolina Rebellion.

7. Jimmie Strimell

Jimmie Strimell net worth 2020
Jimmie Strimell was born on December 3, 1980 in Gothenburg, Sweden.
His band Dead by April became an immediate sensation when their first single, "Losing You," went number one in Sweden.

8. Tobias Forge

Tobias Forge net worth 2020
Tobias Forge was born on March 3, 1981 in Sweden.
His alter ego, Papa Emeritus, leads Ghost. The fellow bandmates are known as Nameless Ghouls. In an interview with Jack Osbourne, he revealed that Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl once played with them as a Nameless Ghoul.

9. Mikael Stanne

Mikael Stanne net worth 2020
Mikael Stanne was born on May 20, 1974 in Sweden.
His vocals can be heard on a 2010 Insomnium track entitled "Weather The Storm."

10. Joakim Svalberg

Joakim Svalberg net worth 2020
Joakim Svalberg was born on February 22, 1969 in Sweden.
He joined Opeth in 2011 after they finished recording the album Heritage.

11. Dave Lepard

Dave Lepard net worth 2020
Dave Lepard was born on May 28, 1980 in Sweden.
He played not only the guitar, but also the charango (a lute of Andean origin).

12. Anders Friden

Anders Friden net worth 2020
Anders Friden was born on March 25, 1973 in Sweden.
He has provided lead vocals for more than twenty-five albums since beginning his career in the 1990s.

13. Daniel Gildenlow

Daniel Gildenlow net worth 2020
Daniel Gildenlow was born on June 5, 1973 in Sweden.
He dropped out of The Flower Kings' 2005 U.S. Tour because he refused to submit his biometric data, per US-VISIT policy.

14. Joacim Cans

Joacim Cans net worth 2020
Joacim Cans was born on February 19, 1970 in Sweden.
In 2008, he joined a choir that competed on the television show Körslaget. His team went on to win the competition in May of that same year. 

15. Johan Hegg

Johan Hegg net worth 2020
Johan Hegg was born on April 29, 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Between 1998 and 2014, he released over seven studio albums with Amon Amarth.

16. Tommy Karevik

Tommy Karevik net worth 2020
Tommy Karevik was born on November 1, 1981 in Sweden.
When not performing, he had a full-time career as a firefighter.

17. Johan Liiva

Johan Liiva was born on November 18, 1970 in Sweden.
In the first decade of the 2000s, his band Hearse released five albums, including Dominion Reptilian and Armageddon, Mon Amour.