Top 20 Media celebrities in England

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Media celebrities [Updated February 7, 2023].

1. Bob Hope

Bob Hope net worth 2020
Bob Hope was born on May 29, 1903 in London, England.
In 1997, the U.S. Congress declared him the "first and only honorary veteran of the U.S. armed forces."

Net Worth 2020: $150 Million

2. Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais net worth 2020
Ricky Gervais was born on June 25, 1961 in Whitley, England.
He won his second Emmy and his seventh BAFTA in 2007 for his role on Extras. His first Emmy Award was for producing the American version of The Office.

Net Worth 2020: $140 Million

3. Tracey Ullman

Tracey Ullman net worth 2020
Tracey Ullman was born on December 30, 1959 in Slough, England.
She won seven Emmy Awards between 1989 and 1998 for shows such as, The Tracey Ullman Show and Tracey Takes On..., among others.

Net Worth 2020: $105 million (2017)

4. Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre net worth 2020
Michael McIntyre was born on February 21, 1976 in London, England.

Net Worth 2020: $80 Million

5. Peter Kay

Peter Kay net worth 2020
Peter Kay was born on July 2, 1973 in Farnworth, England.
He has been featured on TV's That Peter Kay Thing and Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere.

Net Worth 2020: $70 Million

6. Eric Idle

Eric Idle net worth 2020
Eric Idle was born on March 29, 1943 in England.
He helped close the 2012 Summer Olympics at the Olympic Stadium in London on 12 August, by performing the song Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, which was first featured in the 1979 Monty Python film Life of Brian.

Net Worth 2020: $60 Million

7. Stephen Merchant

Stephen Merchant net worth 2020
Stephen Merchant was born on November 24, 1974 in Hanham, England.
He wrote for the award-nominated Ricky Gervais Show as well as for Extras.

Net Worth 2020: $40 Million

8. James Corden

James Corden net worth 2020
James Corden was born on August 22, 1978 in London, England.
He has co-hosted the BRIT awards three times. He appeared in the 2014 film Into the Woods.

Net Worth 2020: $30 Million


Salary 2020: $9 Million

9. John Oliver

John Oliver net worth 2020
John Oliver was born on April 23, 1977 in Birmingham, England.

British comedian and actor best known for his appearances as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He had a recurring role on the NBC sitcom Community, and in 2014 he began hosting the show Last Week Tonight on HBO.

He spent eight weeks in 2013 hosting The Daily Show when Jon Stewart was away.

Net Worth 2020: $30 Million


Salary 2020: $8 Million

10. David Walliams

David Walliams net worth 2020
David Walliams was born on August 20, 1971 in London, England.

Comedian, television personality, actor, and author who partnered with Matt Lucas to form the show Little Britain in 2003. He has also wrote for and starred in the BBC One sitcom Big School and was a judge on the ITV talent show Britain's Got Talent.

He has a bipolar disorder, and swam across the English Channel in 2006 to redeem himself from his episodes of self-hatred and insomnia.

Net Worth 2020: $25 Million

11. John Bishop

John Bishop net worth 2020
John Bishop was born on November 30, 1966 in Liverpool, England.
He has released three top-selling comedy DVDs, including Rollercoaster Tour 2012.

Net Worth 2020: $19 Million

12. Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr net worth 2020
Jimmy Carr was born on September 15, 1972 in London, England.
He made the Guinness Book of World Records as the first comedian to perform a stand-up gig to an audience in cyberspace.

Net Worth 2020: $16 Million

13. Benny Hill

Benny Hill net worth 2020
Benny Hill was born on January 21, 1924 in Southampton, England.
He discovered that Charlie Chaplin, his childhood idol, was a fan of his when he was invited to Chaplin's home in Switzerland.

Net Worth 2020: $15 Million

14. Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes net worth 2020
Martin Clunes was born on November 28, 1961 in London, England.
He won a British Comedy Award and BAFTA award for his performance on Men Behaving Badly.

Net Worth 2020: $15 Million

15. Steve Coogan

Steve Coogan net worth 2020
Steve Coogan was born on October 14, 1965 in Middleton, England.
He has won multiple British comedy awards for portraying Alan Partridge, a failed television presenter, in several BBC series. He also voices characters in the animated films Despicable Me 2 and Minions.

Net Worth 2020: $12 Million

16. Victoria Wood

Victoria Wood net worth 2020
Victoria Wood was born on May 19, 1953 in England.
She won the ATV talent show New Faces in 1974.

Net Worth 2020: $12 Million

17. Matt Lucas

Matt Lucas net worth 2020
Matt Lucas was born on March 5, 1974 in London, England.

British comedian known for his work on the television show Little Britain and for his small but memorable role in the smash hit comedy Bridesmaids. He also played Tweedledee and Tweedledum in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and appeared as Joe in the 2014 film Paddington.

He earned a spot in the top ten of the UK's list of the 100 most influential gay men and women.

Net Worth 2020: $10 Million

18. Paddy McGuinness

Paddy McGuinness net worth 2020
Paddy McGuinness was born on August 14, 1973 in Farnworth, England.
He also hosted the 2012 series Mad Mad World and Text Santa.

Net Worth 2020: $10 Million

19. Leigh Francis

Leigh Francis net worth 2020
Leigh Francis was born on April 30, 1973 in Beeston, England.
He has conducted comedic interviews on The Frank Skinner Show, Loose Women, and Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

Net Worth 2020: $10 Million

20. Johnny Vegas

Johnny Vegas net worth 2020
Johnny Vegas was born on September 5, 1970 in England.
He was in the film The Brothers Grimsby starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Rebel Wilson.

Net Worth 2020: $10 Million