Top 20 Media celebrities in Colombia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Media celebrities [Updated February 7, 2023].

1. Liss Pereira

Liss Pereira net worth 2020
Liss Pereira was born on May 18, 1986 in Cucuta, Colombia.
She co-created a stage show titled Démonos un Tiempo.

2. Juan Sebastian Fren

Juan Sebastian Fren net worth 2020
Juan Sebastian Fren was born on June 19, 1993 in Colombia.
He was featured in the 2017 YouTube video El Fulano which topped 10 million views in 1 year.

3. Carlos Mira

Carlos Mira net worth 2020
Carlos Mira was born on June 12, 1986 in Colombia.
He's a popular figure on Instagram with over 60,000 followers.

4. Diego Camargo

Diego Camargo net worth 2020
Diego Camargo was born on May 25, 1975 in Colombia.
He has made a number of appearances on Comedy Centrals Standup En Comedy.

5. Daniel Samper Ospina

Daniel Samper Ospina net worth 2020
Daniel Samper Ospina was born on August 15, 1974 in Bogota, Colombia.
He has also worked as a prolific journalist throughout Colombia for the publications Cromos, Jet Set, and El Tiempo.

6. Nelson Polanía Polilla

Nelson Polanía Polilla net worth 2020
Nelson Polanía Polilla was born on February 9, 1972 in Colombia.
His nickname among the comedic world is "Moth."

7. Ricardo Quevedo

Ricardo Quevedo net worth 2020
Ricardo Quevedo was born on December 9, 1985 in Colombia.
He performed on Comedy Central's Stand-Up Without Borders.

8. Pedro Gonalez

Pedro Gonalez net worth 2020
Pedro Gonalez was born on June 16, 1965 in Colombia.
He has his own restaurant chain named after his Don Jediondo character. 

9. Alejandra Azcárate

Alejandra Azcárate net worth 2020
Alejandra Azcárate was born on March 3, 1978 in Bogota, Colombia.
She is also known for her writings and contributions as a columnist for Alo Women Magazine. 

10. Ibrahim Salem

Ibrahim Salem was born on October 29, 1995 in Colombia.
He did a taped stand-up special in 2015 called Comedy Central Presenta: Stand up 2015.

11. Alejandro Riaño

Alejandro Riaño was born on January 12, 1986 in Bogota, Colombia.
He comedy is most inspired by Charlie Chaplin.

12. Gerly Hassam Gómez Parra

Gerly Hassam Gómez Parra was born on March 20, 1977 in Colombia.
He became a judge on the reality show Colombia Ríe in 2018.