Top 20 Makeup Artist celebrities in Brazil

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Makeup Artist celebrities [Updated December 7, 2022].

1. Johann Steffens

Johann Steffens net worth 2020
Johann Steffens was born on September 5, 1991 in Brazil.
He is a social media influencer for several different makeup brands including Huda Beauty, Dalla Makeup, Payot Brazil, and Boca Rosa Beauty. 

2. Agustin Fernandez

Agustin Fernandez was born on August 21, 1993 in Brazil.
He is the founder of cosmetics label, Shop Do Divo, which sells his well-known creation, the adhesive eyeliner. 

3. Lazaro Resende

Lazaro Resende was born on April 20, 1991 in Brasilia, Brazil.
In addition to Instagram, he is also known for his YouTube channel where he shares tutorial videos, time lapses of his applications, along with product reviews for his over 5,000 subscribers. 

4. Leticia Pequeno

Leticia Pequeno was born on July 29, 1994 in Maringa, Brazil.
She is known for traveling to teach a variety of specialized makeup courses and Master Classes throughout Brazil including in Palmas, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. 

5. Renata Meins

Renata Meins was born on July 23, 1987 in Brazil.
She has 1 million followers on Instagram.

6. Tainara Reis

Tainara Reis was born on July 13, 1994 in Brazil.
On July 12, 2017, she posted an angel wings tutorial. One of her most popular videos, it garnered over 3.5 million views on YouTube.