Top 20 Magician celebrities in Indonesia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Magician celebrities [Updated October 19, 2021].

1. Deddy Corbuzier

Deddy Corbuzier net worth 2020
Deddy Corbuzier was born on December 28, 1976 in Jakarta, Indonesia.
In 2010 and 2011, he was presented with the Merlin Award for Mentalist of the Year. In 2007, he published his third book, called Book of Magic, where he outlines various illusions of his.

2. Demian Aditya

Demian Aditya net worth 2020
Demian Aditya was born on June 19, 1980 in Indonesia.
In 2015 he performed an illusion where he was buried under cement for 50 hours.

3. Riana Antoinette

Riana Antoinette net worth 2020
Riana Antoinette was born on July 13, 1992 in Indonesia.
Her long-haired stage persona is inspired by Sadako Yamamura, the antagonist of the Ringu series of films. 

4. Cinta Kuya

Cinta Kuya was born on February 2, 2004 in Jakarta, Indonesia.
She was nominated for AMI Award for Children's Song in 2013.

5. Romy Rafael

Romy Rafael was born on July 12, 1980 in Surabaya, Indonesia.
He was featured in the horror comedy Midnight (2015). 

6. Limbad

Limbad was born on July 6, 1972 in Indonesia.

Indonesia magician who was crowned Master Magician in season two of The Master. Limbad tricks have gained him a large following on his Limbad Indonesia YouTube channel. 

In 2012, Limbad became a world record holder after was buried alive in cement for 12 hours.