Top 20 Leaders celebrities in British

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Leaders celebrities [Updated January 29, 2023].

1. Thomas Cranmer

Thomas Cranmer net worth 2020
Thomas Cranmer was born on July 2, 1489 in Aslockton, British.

2. King James I

King James I net worth 2020
King James I was born on June 19, 1566 in Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, British.

Salary 2020: 37.44 million USD (2020)

3. C.P. Scott

C.P. Scott net worth 2020
C.P. Scott was born on October 26, 1846 in Bath, Somerset, British.

4. Ben Bradshaw

Ben Bradshaw net worth 2020
Ben Bradshaw was born on August 30, 1960 in City of Westminster, British.

5. Thomas More

Thomas More net worth 2020
Thomas More was born on February 7, 1478 in City of London, British.

6. Tony Benn

Tony Benn net worth 2020
Tony Benn was born on April 3, 1925 in Marylebone, British.

7. Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington net worth 2020
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington was born on May 1, 1769 in Dublin, British.

8. James Callaghan

James Callaghan net worth 2020
James Callaghan was born on March 27, 1912 in Portsmouth, British.

9. Lord Mountbatten

Lord Mountbatten net worth 2020
Lord Mountbatten was born on June 25, 1900 in England, British.

10. David Blunkett

David Blunkett net worth 2020
David Blunkett was born on June 6, 1947 in Sheffield, England, British.

11. David Trimble

David Trimble net worth 2020
David Trimble was born on October 15, 1944 in Bangor, British.

12. Alfred the Great

Alfred the Great net worth 2020
Alfred the Great was born in Wantage, British.

13. William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror net worth 2020
William the Conqueror was born in Duchy of Normandy, British.

14. Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn net worth 2020
Anne Boleyn was born in Hever, British.

15. Lord Acton

Lord Acton net worth 2020
Lord Acton was born on January 10, 1834 in Naples, British.

16. H. H. Asquith

H. H. Asquith net worth 2020
H. H. Asquith was born on September 12, 1852 in Morley, British.

17. John Wesley

John Wesley net worth 2020
John Wesley was born in Epworth, Lincolnshire, British.

18. Thomas Becket

Thomas Becket net worth 2020
Thomas Becket was born on December 21, 1118 in Cheapside, British.

19. Edward, the Black Prince

Edward, the Black Prince net worth 2020
Edward, the Black Prince was born on June 15, 1330 in Woodstock, British.

20. William Ewart Gladstone

William Ewart Gladstone net worth 2020
William Ewart Gladstone was born on December 29, 1809 in Liverpool, British.