Top 20 Journalist celebrities in Egypt

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Journalist celebrities [Updated January 31, 2023].

1. Mohamed Omar

Mohamed Omar net worth 2020
Mohamed Omar was born on September 20, 1991 in Egypt.
From 2010 until 2011, he contributed to the Nile Life television program Shawshara.

2. Mirna El Helbawi

Mirna El Helbawi net worth 2020
Mirna El Helbawi was born on August 20, 1992 in Egypt.
She worked as an editor for the magazine 7 Days.

3. Samir Farid

Samir Farid net worth 2020
Samir Farid was born on October 12, 1943 in Egypt.
He was invited to over 170 film festivals and seminars across Africa, Asia, the United States and Europe during his lengthy career.

4. Yasmine El-Khateib

Yasmine El-Khateib net worth 2020
Yasmine El-Khateib was born on May 10, 1980 in Cairo, Egypt.
She published several art books.

5. Amr Adib

Amr Adib was born on October 23, 1963 in Egypt.
He was considered a pioneer of talk shows in Egypt.