Top 20 Interior Designer celebrities in Norway

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Interior Designer celebrities [Updated March 27, 2023].

1. Hana Opsahl

Hana Opsahl net worth 2020
Hana Opsahl was born on July 3, 1986 in Lillehammer, Norway.
In addition to her Instagram, she runs a design blog at where she posts her commercial work, personal projects, recognition from press outlets, and testimonials from previous clients. 

2. Marit Folland

Marit Folland net worth 2020
Marit Folland was born on September 18, 1989 in Norway.
She collaborates with and promotes a range of different companies on her Instagram including Daniel Wellington, Baobab Collection, and Heymat. 

3. Kari Haugsrud

Kari Haugsrud net worth 2020
Kari Haugsrud was born on February 20, 1973 in Norway.

4. Cathrine Doreen

Cathrine Doreen net worth 2020
Cathrine Doreen was born on May 9, 1984 in Norway.
She is the brand ambassador of home-good stores VikingBad, Lapatio Norge, and Canvas Butik. 

5. Renate Karlsen

Renate Karlsen was born on October 12, 1990 in Norway.
She promotes several different brands and companies on her Instagram including Louis Poulsen design, Lyngby Porcelaen, and Kilands Norway. 

6. Katrine Lunde

Katrine Lunde was born on April 29, 1983 in Norway.
She showcased the interior design of several of her friends houses.