Top 20 Instagram Star celebrities in Belarus

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Instagram Star celebrities [Updated January 30, 2023].

1. Kristina Bazan

Kristina Bazan net worth 2020
Kristina Bazan was born on October 28, 1993 in Minsk, Belarus.
She has worked with a variety of high end brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Guess, and more.

2. Polina Atomo

Polina Atomo net worth 2020
Polina Atomo was born on June 23, 1998 in Belarus.
She had answered more than 35,000 questions on as of April 2016.

3. Yana Kalenik

Yana Kalenik net worth 2020
Yana Kalenik was born on October 1, 1995 in Minsk, Belarus.
Her Instagram account was deactivated. 

4. xenia92k_

xenia92k_ net worth 2020
xenia92k_ was born on July 3, 1992 in Belarus.

5. Sasha Kichigina

Sasha Kichigina was born on August 15, 1998 in Belarus.
In 2016 she walked the runway for both Stella McCartney and Miuccia Prada.

6. Yuliya Tsishchanka

Yuliya Tsishchanka was born on July 31, 1999 in Belarus.
She has amassed more than 60,000 followers to her Instagram account. She was featured as a finalist for the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

7. Kanra Collins

Kanra Collins was born on August 18, 1994 in Belarus.
She attended the 2018 Cyprus Geek Fest convention. 

8. Darya Kudyolko

Darya Kudyolko was born on April 21, 1997 in Belarus.
She has amassed more than 130,000 followers to her Instagram account. As of December 2018, she was ranked on Heepsy in the top 10 most popular Instagram models from Belarus. 

9. Alexandra Shulgovich

Alexandra Shulgovich was born on February 23, 1997 in Belarus.
She attended Belarusian State University as part of the class of 2018.

10. Oksana Neveselaya

Oksana Neveselaya was born on September 22, 1999 in Minsk, Belarus.
She has been covered in several press outlets for her popular Instagram presence including in Mirror in October of 2016 and Express the same year. 

11. Paulina Karpenko

Paulina Karpenko was born on August 8, 2006 in Belarus.
She has amassed over 150,000 followers to her popular Instagram account. She has said winter is her favorite season. She enjoys dancing and taking dance classes in her free time.