Top 20 High Jumper celebrities in United States

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 High Jumper celebrities [Updated August 11, 2022].

1. Brigetta Barrett

Brigetta Barrett net worth 2020
Brigetta Barrett was born on December 24, 1990 in United States.
In 2013, she was a finalist for The Bowerman award, given to the most outstanding student-athlete in track and field in the country.

2. Vashti Cunningham

Vashti Cunningham net worth 2020
Vashti Cunningham was born on January 18, 1998 in United States.
In winning the 2016 USA Indoor Track and Field Championships, she set a World Junior Record with a 1.99 meter (more than 6'6") jump.

3. Erik Kynard Jr.

Erik Kynard Jr. net worth 2020
Erik Kynard Jr. was born on February 3, 1991 in United States.
He competed in the 2011 World Championships and Universiade before winning his first international medal at the 2012 Olympics.

4. Dick Fosbury

Dick Fosbury net worth 2020
Dick Fosbury was born on March 6, 1947 in United States.
His high jumping technique was initially met with scrutiny and was dubbed the "Fosbury Flop" because people thought he looked like a fish flopping in a boat when he jumped.

5. Ray Ewry

Ray Ewry net worth 2020
Ray Ewry was born on October 14, 1873 in Lafayette, United States.
He set a world record in the standing long jump, which stood until the event was discontinued in 1930.

6. Alma Richards

Alma Richards net worth 2020
Alma Richards was born on February 20, 1890 in United States.
His newfound high-jumping ability inspired him to also enter the 1916 Olympics, but his dreams of multiple medals never materialized; the games were cancelled by WWI.

7. Chaunte Lowe

Chaunte Lowe net worth 2020
Chaunte Lowe was born on January 12, 1984 in Templeton, United States.
She won the 2012 High Jump World Indoor Champion.

8. Alice Coachman

Alice Coachman was born on November 9, 1923 in Albany, United States.
She won an Olympic gold despite missing her prime, as the 1940 and 1944 Olympics were cancelled due to World War II.

9. Charles Austin

Charles Austin was born on December 19, 1967 in United States.
He is just the second high jumper to win gold medals at the Olympic Games, Indoor World Championships and Outdoor World Championships.