Top 20 Gymnast celebrities in China

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Gymnast celebrities [Updated December 8, 2022].

1. Shang Chunsong

Shang Chunsong net worth 2020
Shang Chunsong was born on March 18, 1996 in China.
She became the 2015 and 2016 Chinese national all-around champion.

Net Worth 2020: $10 Million

2. Morgan Hurd

Morgan Hurd net worth 2020
Morgan Hurd was born on July 18, 2001 in Wuzhou, China.
She became the all-around world champion in September 2017.

3. Jiang Yuyuan

Jiang Yuyuan net worth 2020
Jiang Yuyuan was born on November 1, 1991 in China.
She was one of the stars of the Olympics documentary Dream Weavers 2008, which tracked her journey from 2003 to the Olympic Games.

4. He Kexin

He Kexin net worth 2020
He Kexin was born on January 1, 1992 in Beijing, China.
At the 2010 World Championships, she scored 16.133 with 7.4 difficulty, one of the highest scores ever recorded in women's gymnastics.

5. Deng Linlin

Deng Linlin net worth 2020
Deng Linlin was born on April 21, 1992 in Fuyang, China.
She was one of the subjects of the documentary "Dream Weavers: Beijing 2008."

6. Cheng Fei

Cheng Fei net worth 2020
Cheng Fei was born on May 29, 1988 in Huangshi, China.
She has five gold medals from the World Championships, and three more from the World Cup Finals.

7. Wang Yan

Wang Yan net worth 2020
Wang Yan was born on October 30, 1999 in Beijing, China.
She was the youngest competitor in the women's vault finals at the age of 16 in the Rio Olympics.

8. Zou Kai

Zou Kai net worth 2020
Zou Kai was born on February 25, 1988 in Luzhou, China.
He became the first Chinese athlete to win five career Olympic gold medals after taking two at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

9. Li Ning

Li Ning net worth 2020
Li Ning was born on March 10, 1963 in China.
He founded the Li-Ning Company Limited in 1990, a company which sells footwear and sporting apparel in China.

10. Li Xiaopeng

Li Xiaopeng net worth 2020
Li Xiaopeng was born on July 27, 1981 in China.
He was the youngest Chinese world champion at the Lausanne World Championships in 1997.

11. Liang Chow

Liang Chow net worth 2020
Liang Chow was born on January 1, 1968 in Beijing, China.
He opened his own studio called Chow's Gymnastics and Dance Institute in 1998, only to see it destroyed by a flood in 2008.

12. Yang Wei

Yang Wei net worth 2020
Yang Wei was born on February 8, 1980 in Xiantao, China.
He is best known for his high difficulty score across all six events.

13. Victoria Jacoby

Victoria Jacoby was born on September 11, 1997 in China.
She began her studies at Rider University in 2015.

14. Yao Ziyi

Yao Ziyi was born on February 8, 1995 in Fuzhou, China.
In 2014, she changed her name from Yao Jinnan to Yao Ziyi due to the fact that "Jinnan" sounds similar to the Chinese term for "too difficult to catch the gold."