Top 20 Guitarist celebrities in Japan

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Guitarist celebrities [Updated June 5, 2023].

1. Die

Die net worth 2020
Die was born on December 20, 1974 in Kumamoto, Japan.
He's been sponsored by ESP Guitars in Japan and has two lines of signature-series guitars called DDT and D-DR.

2. Akira Takasaki

Akira Takasaki net worth 2020
Akira Takasaki was born on February 22, 1961 in Osaka, Japan.
His style of playing consists of extremely fast, extremely precise guitar riffs.

3. Toru Yamashita

Toru Yamashita net worth 2020
Toru Yamashita was born on December 7, 1988 in Osaka, Japan.
His Les Paul Custom Alpine White is signed by Avril Lavigne and members of the band Fall Out Boy.

4. Aoi

Aoi net worth 2020
Aoi was born on January 20, 1979 in Japan.
The GazettE has embarked on several international tours including the Nameless Liberty Six Guns tour and the Groan of Diplosomia tour.

5. Miyavi Lee Ishihara

Miyavi Lee Ishihara net worth 2020
Miyavi Lee Ishihara was born on September 14, 1981 in Osaka, Japan.
He started off as a guitarist for the band Due le Quartz.

6. Masato

Masato was born on May 26, 1985 in Japan.
The band's name is related to the English word thug, but the "th" became an "s" sound due to the nature of the Japanese language.

7. Sugizo

Sugizo net worth 2020
Sugizo was born on July 8, 1969 in Japan.
His full name is Yasuhiro Sugihara.

8. Tak Matsumoto

Tak Matsumoto net worth 2020
Tak Matsumoto was born on March 27, 1961 in Japan.
He came in first place in a 2011 poll on which guitarist best represents Japan.

9. Tomoyasu Hotei

Tomoyasu Hotei net worth 2020
Tomoyasu Hotei was born on February 1, 1962 in Japan.
He created three songs for the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas soundtrack.

10. Kazuki Takemura

Kazuki Takemura net worth 2020
Kazuki Takemura was born on February 13, 1996 in Japan.
He shares a name with the main character of Front Mission 3, a game released for the original PlayStation in 1999.

11. Hideto Matsumoto

Hideto Matsumoto net worth 2020
Hideto Matsumoto was born on December 13, 1964 in Yokosuka, Japan.
His visual kei style involved a lot of makeup, like glam rock, but emphasized the androgynous look.

12. Hayato Koga

Hayato Koga net worth 2020
Hayato Koga was born on June 29, 1990 in Japan.
He wrote several songs that were licensed for the anime franchise Naruto. 

13. Matt Heafy

Matt Heafy net worth 2020
Matt Heafy was born on January 28, 1986 in Japan.
He and Trivium's former producer joined the metal band Capharnaum together.

14. Teruki Nishizawa

Teruki Nishizawa net worth 2020
Teruki Nishizawa was born on May 28, 1992 in Japan.
He and My First Story did a cover of Taylor Swift's hit song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" in 2014.

15. Yuto Miyazawa

Yuto Miyazawa net worth 2020
Yuto Miyazawa was born on February 21, 2000 in Japan.

Japanese guitar prodigy known for his performances with music legends like Ozzy Osbourne and his work in the band The Robotix.

He was bestowed the title of The Youngest Professional Guitarist by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2008.

16. Miku Kobato

Miku Kobato net worth 2020
Miku Kobato was born on October 21, 1991 in Japan.
She is recognized for almost always having an iconic rose attached to the top of her maid outfit. 

17. Kujo Takemasa

Kujo Takemasa net worth 2020
Kujo Takemasa was born on August 3, 1982 in Japan.
His bandmates often refer to him by the nickname Negi-Senpai.

18. Koichi Fukuda

Koichi Fukuda net worth 2020
Koichi Fukuda was born on July 1, 1975 in Japan.
He left Static-X and rejoined in place of Tripp Eisen, following Eisen's arrest.

19. Kaoru

Kaoru net worth 2020
Kaoru was born on February 17, 1974 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
He has been endorsed by ESP Guitars and has used more than a dozen of the company's instruments.

20. K.A.Z

K.A.Z net worth 2020
K.A.Z was born on October 11, 1968 in Japan.
He formed a short-lived rock band called Spin Aqua with Anna Tsuchiya.