Top 20 Guitarist celebrities in Finland

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Guitarist celebrities [Updated May 30, 2023].

1. Andy McCoy

Andy McCoy net worth 2020
Andy McCoy was born on October 11, 1962 in Pelkosenniemi, Finland.

Lead guitarist of the Finnish rock band Hanoi Rocks who is a close friend of Bam Margera.

Not limited to any one style, he can play glam rock, punk rock, rock 'n' roll, and flamenco.

Net Worth 2020: $6 Million

2. Alexi Laiho

Alexi Laiho net worth 2020
Alexi Laiho was born on April 8, 1979 in Espoo, Finland.
As a side project, he founded the melodic death metal bands Sinergy and Kylähullut.

Net Worth 2020: $6 Million

3. Jussi Sydanmaa

Jussi Sydanmaa net worth 2020
Jussi Sydanmaa was born on June 26, 1972 in Finland.
His character in Lordi was the mummified Amen, the God of Gods, who woke after a thousand-year slumber to play guitar with the group.

4. Jani Liimatainen

Jani Liimatainen net worth 2020
Jani Liimatainen was born on September 9, 1980 in Finland.
He refused to serve his mandatory term in the Finnish army and was arrested and sentenced to a month in prison.

5. Timo Tolkki

Timo Tolkki net worth 2020
Timo Tolkki was born on March 3, 1966 in Finland.
He left Stratovarius to focus on a solo, instrumental metal project.

6. Joonas Parkkonen

Joonas Parkkonen net worth 2020
Joonas Parkkonen was born on January 30, 1992 in Finland.
After Santa Cruz signed with the TKO Agency in 2013, the band went on tour throughout the United Kingdom.

7. Emppu Vuorinen

Emppu Vuorinen net worth 2020
Emppu Vuorinen was born on June 24, 1978 in Kitee, Finland.
He shreds guitar on Nightwish tracks like "The Pharaoh Sails to Orion" and "Romanticide."

8. Elias Viljanen

Elias Viljanen net worth 2020
Elias Viljanen was born on July 8, 1975 in Finland.
He briefly served as a drummer in the band Twilight Lamp. They released the album Grandiose in 1999. 

9. Ben Varon

Ben Varon net worth 2020
Ben Varon was born on November 18, 1983 in Finland.
He was featured in a Young Guitar Magazine video giving guitar lessons.

10. Mikko Lindstrom

Mikko Lindstrom net worth 2020
Mikko Lindstrom was born on August 12, 1976 in Helsinki, Finland.
He has performed with the supergroup WhoCares, including hard rock and metal greats like Jason Newsted and Nicko McBrain

11. Pasi Viitala

Pasi Viitala net worth 2020
Pasi Viitala was born on March 6, 1983 in Finland.

Famous for his membership in the Finnish rock band Uniklubi, this electric guitarist co-founded the group with singer Jussi Selo in 1999.

Other members of Uniklubi include guitarist Janne Samuli Selo, bassist Teemu Rajamaki, and drummer Antti Matikainen.

12. Pauli Rantasalmi

Pauli Rantasalmi net worth 2020
Pauli Rantasalmi was born on May 1, 1979 in Finland.
A music producer as well as a guitarist, he produced work for the bands Kwan and Killer.

13. Petri Lindroos

Petri Lindroos net worth 2020
Petri Lindroos was born on January 10, 1980 in Espoo, Finland.
His favorite bands are Megadeth and Slayer.

14. Risto Katajisto

Risto Katajisto net worth 2020
Risto Katajisto was born on September 8, 1981 in Finland.
Between 2005 and 2007, he and his bandmates released the number one hit song "Guardian Angel" and the Top 5 singles "Bleeding," "Remorse," "Die a Little More," and "Anyone, Anymore."

15. Roope Latvala

Roope Latvala net worth 2020
Roope Latvala was born on June 25, 1970 in Helsinki, Finland.
He has played with the group Sinergy.

16. Sami Yli-Sirnio

Sami Yli-Sirnio net worth 2020
Sami Yli-Sirnio was born on April 10, 1972 in Helsinki, Finland.
After the guitar, the sitar is his favorite instrument; he has played it for both Tiamat and Grip Inc.

17. Riku Rajamaa

Riku Rajamaa was born on November 4, 1975 in Helsinki, Finland.
His band's hit song Fairytale Gone Bad" reached several top positions on radio sations and charts as well as went Platinum in Finland and Germany.