Top 20 Golfer celebrities in Argentina

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Golfer celebrities [Updated August 11, 2022].

1. Angel Cabrera

Angel Cabrera net worth 2020
Angel Cabrera was born on September 12, 1969 in Cordoba, Argentina.
He had his first Major Championship with a first place finish at the 2007 U.S. Open.

Net Worth 2020: $15 Million

2. Horacio Carbonetti

Horacio Carbonetti net worth 2020
Horacio Carbonetti was born on November 17, 1947 in Rio Cuarto, Argentina.
As successful as he was, he only qualified for one major and that was the 1980 Open Championship; unfortunately he missed the cut in the 3rd round.

3. Andres Romero

Andres Romero net worth 2020
Andres Romero was born on May 8, 1981 in Argentina.
In 2008, he won the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year award.

4. Luis Carbonetti

Luis Carbonetti net worth 2020
Luis Carbonetti was born on April 23, 1953 in Argentina.
He won the 1985 Argentine Tour Order of Merit and the Cordoba Tour Order of Merit 2002.

5. Roberto De Vicenzo

Roberto De Vicenzo net worth 2020
Roberto De Vicenzo was born on April 14, 1923 in Argentina.
He signed his scorecard at the 1968 Masters with an incorrect score; instead of going to the playoff the next day, he was eliminated from the tournament.

6. Jose Cantero

Jose Cantero was born on June 8, 1959 in Argentina.
He won the 2001 Norpatagonico Open on the Argentine Tour.

7. Ariel Canete

Ariel Canete was born on February 7, 1975 in Argentina.
He recorded his first European Tour victory in January, 2007.

8. Miguel Carballo

Miguel Carballo was born on March 22, 1979 in Argentina.

9. Ruben Alvarez

Ruben Alvarez was born on May 30, 1961 in Argentina.
He qualified for the 1994 British Open.