Top 20 Geologist celebrities in United States

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Geologist celebrities [Updated August 11, 2022].

1. David A. Johnston

David A. Johnston net worth 2020
David A. Johnston was born on December 18, 1949 in United States.
His life and work have been depicted in fictional films like 1981's St. Helens and in documentaries like 1980's The Eruption of Mount St. Helens.

2. Hugo Benioff

Hugo Benioff net worth 2020
Hugo Benioff was born on September 14, 1899 in Los Angeles, United States.
He designed a number of important earthquake instruments including the Benioff seismograph, which senses movement in the Earth.

3. Charles Francis Richter

Charles Francis Richter net worth 2020
Charles Francis Richter was born on April 26, 1900 in United States.
He developed building codes for structures in earthquake-heavy areas, which helped lessen the damage caused by events like the San Fernando earthquake of 1971.

4. Jack Oliver

Jack Oliver net worth 2020
Jack Oliver was born on September 26, 1923 in United States.
He became chair of the geophysics department at Cornell University in 1971.

5. Isaac Lea

Isaac Lea net worth 2020
Isaac Lea was born on March 4, 1792 in United States.
In 1860, he became President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

6. Thomas Jaggar

Thomas Jaggar net worth 2020
Thomas Jaggar was born on January 24, 1871 in Philadelphia, United States.
Though he was the head of geology at MIT, the university did not initially support his Hawaii observation efforts, and frequently his research was undertaken at his own expense.

7. Marie Tharp

Marie Tharp was born on July 30, 1920 in United States.
She and Heezen created their underwater map with the help of Austrian artist Heinrich Berann.

8. Robert S. Dietz

Robert S. Dietz was born on September 14, 1914 in United States.
His studies with fellow scientist Harry Hess are credited with paving the way for Plate Tectonic Theory.

9. Joshua Wurman

Joshua Wurman was born on October 1, 1960 in United States.
He created the Doppler On Wheels, a mobile radar system to observe tornadoes and hurricanes.

10. Edward LaChapelle

Edward LaChapelle was born on May 31, 1926 in United States.
He played a key role in the creation of the avalanche transceiver, which serves as a safety measure for skiers.

11. Marion King Hubbert

Marion King Hubbert was born on October 5, 1903 in United States.
In 1956 he startled the academic and political establishment with his confident prediction that oil production would peak in 1970 and then steadily decline over time.