Top 20 Geneticist celebrities in United States

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Geneticist celebrities [Updated August 11, 2022].

1. Barbara McClintock

Barbara McClintock net worth 2020
Barbara McClintock was born on June 16, 1902 in Hartford, United States.
A character in the book The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides was loosely based off her.

2. Martha Chase

Martha Chase net worth 2020
Martha Chase was born on November 30, 1927 in United States.
She suffered from dementia in her later years which caused her to lose short-term memories.

3. Edward Tatum

Edward Tatum net worth 2020
Edward Tatum was born on December 14, 1909 in Boulder, United States.
He conducted successful research on the genetics of corn and Drosophila flies, before studying Neurospora bacterial culture to prove that 'one gene makes one protein,' the start of bacterial genetics.

4. Spencer Wells

Spencer Wells net worth 2020
Spencer Wells was born on April 6, 1969 in United States.
He published a 2002 book entitled The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey.

5. Robert Briggs

Robert Briggs net worth 2020
Robert Briggs was born on December 10, 1911 in United States.
He served as a fellow in the Department of Zoology at McGill University.

6. Bruce Beutler

Bruce Beutler net worth 2020
Bruce Beutler was born on December 29, 1957 in United States.
He worked as an Assistant Investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

7. Jeffrey M. Friedman

Jeffrey M. Friedman net worth 2020
Jeffrey M. Friedman was born on July 20, 1954 in United States.
He was awarded the Danone International Prize for Nutrition in 2007.

8. Nettie Stevens

Nettie Stevens net worth 2020
Nettie Stevens was born on July 7, 1861 in United States.
Google featured her in a doodle on what would have been her 155th birthday in 2016.

9. Michael Stebbins

Michael Stebbins was born on March 23, 1971 in United States.

10. Mary Styles Harris

Mary Styles Harris was born on June 26, 1949 in Nashville, United States.
She hosts a radio show called Journey To Wellness.

11. Jack Cusack

Jack Cusack was born on November 17, 1890 in United States.
Establishing, in his early research, that genes can pass down traits to subsequent generations, he started experiments inducing mutations through the use of X-Rays.

12. George Price

George Price was born on October 6, 1922 in United States.
He dedicated the latter part of his life to helping the homeless and gave away all his possessions before his suicide.

13. David T. Lykken

David T. Lykken was born on June 18, 1928 in United States.
He was a member of the American Psychological Association and he was the proponent of a set-point theory of happiness, which posits that one's sense of well-being is half determined by genetics and half determined by circumstances.

14. Herrick L. Johnston

Herrick L. Johnston was born on March 29, 1898 in United States.
He taught Paul J. Flory who won the Nobel Prize in 1974.