Top 20 Folk Singer celebrities in Yugoslavia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Folk Singer celebrities [Updated June 29, 2022].

1. Saban Saulic

Saban Saulic net worth 2020
Saban Saulic was born on May 6, 1951 in Yugoslavia.
He served in the 1970 Yugoslav army service in Bitola.

Net Worth 2020: $20 Million

2. Jana

Jana was born on March 15, 1974 in Yugoslavia.
She adopted her stage name because of the fact that the label she signed to, Zabava Miliona, had already signed an artist named Dragana.

3. Rada Manojlovic

Rada Manojlovic net worth 2020
Rada Manojlovic was born on August 25, 1985 in Yugoslavia.
In 2010, she received the Serbian Oscar Of Popularity for Female Folk Singer of the Year.

4. Silvana Armenulic

Silvana Armenulic net worth 2020
Silvana Armenulic was born on May 18, 1939 in Yugoslavia.
She was killed in a car accident when she was just thirty-seven years old.

5. Lepa Lukic

Lepa Lukic net worth 2020
Lepa Lukic was born on January 16, 1940 in Yugoslavia.
She was scheduled to perform with singer Silvana Armenulic on the night she died in a car accident but overslept, an oversight which may have saved her life.

6. Goga Sekulic

Goga Sekulic was born on February 27, 1977 in Yugoslavia.
She was hospitalized for high blood pressure in August 2013.

7. Jana Todorovic

Jana Todorovic was born on March 15, 1974 in Pristina, Yugoslavia.
Her debut album Imam moć was released in 1992.