Top 20 Flute Player celebrities in the world

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Flute Player celebrities [Updated May 25, 2022].

1. Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson net worth 2020
Ian Anderson was born on August 10, 1947 in Dunfermline, Scotland.
He owns several salmon farms in New England.

Net Worth 2020: $100 Million

2. James Galway

James Galway net worth 2020
James Galway was born on December 8, 1939 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
He performed on the Academy Award-winning soundtracks of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings film trilogy, composed by Howard Shore.

Net Worth 2020: $20 million (2016)

3. Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Rahsaan Roland Kirk net worth 2020
Rahsaan Roland Kirk was born on August 7, 1935 in Columbus, United States.
He typically appeared on stage with all three horns hanging around his neck, as well as a variety of other instruments, including flutes and whistles and one of his more well known techniques was to sing or hum into the flute at the same time as playing.

4. Nicole Mitchell

Nicole Mitchell net worth 2020
Nicole Mitchell was born on February 17, 1967 in Syracuse, United States.
She was named the Rising Star among flautists by Down Beat Magazine six consecutive years from 2004 to 2009.

5. Bobbi Humphrey

Bobbi Humphrey net worth 2020
Bobbi Humphrey was born on April 25, 1950 in United States.
She collaborated with Stevie Wonder on his song "Another Star."

6. Florian Schneider

Florian Schneider net worth 2020
Florian Schneider was born on April 7, 1947 in Germany.
The track "V-2 Schneider" on David Bowie's album Heroes is titled after him.

7. Jean Pierre Rampal

Jean Pierre Rampal net worth 2020
Jean Pierre Rampal was born on January 7, 1922 in Marseille, France.
He recorded Scott Joplin rags and Gershwin and also collaborated with French jazz pianist Claude Bolling.

8. Hubert Laws

Hubert Laws net worth 2020
Hubert Laws was born on November 10, 1939 in United States.
He received a lifetime achievement award from the National Endowment for the Arts in the field of jazz in 2010.

9. Emmanuel Pahud

Emmanuel Pahud net worth 2020
Emmanuel Pahud was born on January 27, 1970 in Switzerland.
When he joined the Berlin Philharmonic at age twenty-two, he was the ensemble's youngest member.

10. Bud Shank

Bud Shank net worth 2020
Bud Shank was born on May 27, 1926 in United States.

Flautist who performed the alto flute solo on The Mamas & The Papas song "California Dreamin'." He was also a member of the Innovations in Modern Music Orchestra, led by Stan Kenton.

He worked with Charlie Barnet in the 1940s and also performed regularly with The L.A. Four.

11. Raymond Carlos Nakai

Raymond Carlos Nakai net worth 2020
Raymond Carlos Nakai was born on April 16, 1946 in United States.
His albums Earth Spirit and Canyon Trilogy are notably the only Native American albums to be certified Gold by the RIAA. Canyon Trilogy then became certified Platinum.

12. Matt Molloy

Matt Molloy net worth 2020
Matt Molloy was born on January 12, 1947 in Ireland.
He has hosted Irish music concerts at his personal pub in Westport, County Mayo.

13. Gheorghe Zamfir

Gheorghe Zamfir net worth 2020
Gheorghe Zamfir was born on April 6, 1941 in Romania.
He has been sampled by the band Animal Collective in their song "Graze."

14. Jasmine Choi

Jasmine Choi net worth 2020
Jasmine Choi was born on May 23, 1983 in Seoul, South Korea.
In 2016, she was named as a Cultural Ambassador of her hometown of Daejeon, Korea. She is also known for having been included in Symphony Magazine's list of emerging artists in 2006. 

15. Leo Rojas

Leo Rojas net worth 2020
Leo Rojas was born on October 18, 1984 in Ecuador.
He is known for having won the Das Supertalent competition and as a result, his winning son was ranked at number 48 on the German sales charts during the week of Christmas in 2011. 

16. Masakazu Yoshizawa

Masakazu Yoshizawa net worth 2020
Masakazu Yoshizawa was born on September 10, 1950 in Japan.
He was featured on the soundtrack to the Academy Award-nominated film Memoirs of a Geisha.

17. Paul Taffanel

Paul Taffanel net worth 2020
Paul Taffanel was born on September 16, 1844 in France.
He was the chief conductor at the Paris Opera from 1890 to 1906.

18. Shashank Subramanyam

Shashank Subramanyam net worth 2020
Shashank Subramanyam was born on October 14, 1978 in India.
The BBC World TV did a documentary on Shashank entitled Destination Music.

19. Theodosii Spassov

Theodosii Spassov net worth 2020
Theodosii Spassov was born on March 4, 1961 in Bulgaria.
He was the recipient of the 1996 International Academy of Arts in Paris Award.

20. Viviana Guzman

Viviana Guzman net worth 2020
Viviana Guzman was born on August 20, 1982 in Chile.
She has won several awards for her flute performances including the first place at the New York Flute Club Competition, the Five Towns Music and Arts Foundation Competition, and also received the Lincoln Center Scholarship.