Top 20 Fitness Instructor celebrities in Mexico

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Fitness Instructor celebrities [Updated May 30, 2023].

1. Jose Luis Montes

Jose Luis Montes net worth 2020
Jose Luis Montes was born on March 30, 1992 in Mexico.
He runs a YouTube channel where he shares a variety of fitness related videos and prank videos for his over 30,000 subscribers. 

2. Aranza Méndez

Aranza Méndez net worth 2020
Aranza Méndez was born on November 8, 1998 in Mexico.
She is an ambassador and influencer for several brands and companies including LimitX Nutrition, Monkey Power, and Amore Jeans. 

3. Mauret Rojas

Mauret Rojas net worth 2020
Mauret Rojas was born on June 8, 1991 in Mexico.
She travelled to Atlanta, Georgia in February 2019. She took a trip to New York City in January 2019. 

4. Memo Corral

Memo Corral net worth 2020
Memo Corral was born on December 28, 1979 in Distrito Federal, Mexico.
He is a head coach and program director of three fitness programs: La Fábrica San Ángel, La Fábrica WELLNES and Kordia México. He became an Instagram sensation, earning more than 320,000 followers for his coachmemocorral account. 

5. Jorge Valverde

Jorge Valverde was born on May 24, 1990 in Mexico.
He is known for having earned representation from FITVO fitness an an ambassador for their products. 

6. Alejandra Estefania

Alejandra Estefania was born on April 13, 1989 in Guanajuato, Mexico.
She has worked as a lawyer before becoming a fitness instructor. 

7. Stacey Diaz Apodaca

Stacey Diaz Apodaca was born on April 5, 1991 in Mexico.
Her Instagram account has amassed more than 10,000 followers. 

8. Gerald Capuozo

Gerald Capuozo was born on May 21, 1983 in Mexico.
He runs his own personal training company called Territorio Fit. 

9. Alberto Blancas

Alberto Blancas was born on September 4, 1985 in Mexico.
He has been a brand ambassador for Sonne Natural suntan lotion. He travelled to Isla Mujeres in February 2018.