Top 20 Fashion Designer celebrities in the world

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Fashion Designer celebrities [Updated May 24, 2022].

1. Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada net worth 2020
Miuccia Prada was born on May 10, 1949 in Milan, Italy.
She was listed as one of the 50 best-dressed over 50 by The Guardian in 2013.

Net Worth 2020: $11.1 Billion

2. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani net worth 2020
Giorgio Armani was born on July 11, 1934 in Piacenza, Italy.
He has been called the most successful designer from Italy, with a net worth regularly valued over $5 billion.

Net Worth 2020: $9.6 Billion

3. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren net worth 2020
Ralph Lauren was born on October 14, 1939 in New York City, United States.
While studying at the Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy, he became known for selling neckties to students.

Net Worth 2020: $6 Billion

4. Domenico Dolce

Domenico Dolce net worth 2020
Domenico Dolce was born on August 13, 1958 in Palermo, Italy.

Legendary fashion designer most well known as the Dolce in Dolce & Gabbana alongside Stefano Gabbana. The pair founded their internationally renowned brand in 1985 and have since become a household name.

Dolce & Gabbana has won numerous awards including the 1991 Woolmark Prize and the 1993 Best Fragrance of the Year.

Net Worth 2020: $1.7 Billion

5. Stefano Gabbana

Stefano Gabbana net worth 2020
Stefano Gabbana was born on November 14, 1962 in Milan, Italy.

Fashion designer known for being the Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana. Along with longtime partner Domenico Dolce, he created one of the industry's most powerful and ubiquitous companies.

He and Dolce were both convicted of tax evasion in 2013, but that conviction was overturned upon appeal a year later.

Net Worth 2020: $1.7 Billion

6. Valentino Garavani

Valentino Garavani net worth 2020
Valentino Garavani was born on May 11, 1932 in Voghera, Italy.
He was the subject of the acclaimed 2008 documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor.

Net Worth 2020: $1.5 Billion

7. Max Azria

Max Azria net worth 2020
Max Azria was born on January 1, 1949 in Sfax, Tunisia.
He collaborated with Miley Cyrus in 2009 to form a fashion line.

Net Worth 2020: $1.2 Billion

8. Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg net worth 2020
Diane von Furstenberg was born on December 31, 1946 in Brussels, Belgium.

International fashion designer, most known for her womenswear and accessory lines.

Diane von Furstenberg popularized the wrap dress in the American market, which sparked her biggest financial success.

Net Worth 2020: $1.2 Billion

9. Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace net worth 2020
Gianni Versace was born on December 2, 1946 in Reggio Calabria, Italy.
He was murdered in front of his Miami mansion after taking his daily morning stroll to get coffee on Ocean Drive.

Net Worth 2020: $1 Billion

10. Tory Burch

Tory Burch net worth 2020
Tory Burch was born on June 17, 1966 in Valley Forge, United States.
In 2008, she was named Accessories Designer of the Year by the CFDA.

Net Worth 2020: $1 Billion

11. Allegra Versace

Allegra Versace net worth 2020
Allegra Versace was born on June 30, 1986 in Milan, Italy.

Heiress of the fashion clothing line Versace. She is also a shareholder in the Gianni Versace S.p.A. company.

She was once hospitalized for Anorexia.

Net Worth 2020: $900 Million

12. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein net worth 2020
Calvin Klein was born on November 19, 1942 in New York City, United States.
He appeared on the cover of Vogue in 1969. He attempted to market fragrances and cosmetics in the 1970s before finding success with underwear in the 1980s.

Net Worth 2020: $700 Million

13. Oscar Lopez

Oscar Lopez net worth 2020
Oscar Lopez was born on March 7, 1973 in Cuba.
He established a loyal clientele in Miami, Palm Beach, New York, and Los Angeles.

Net Worth 2020: $675 Million

14. Vera Wang

Vera Wang net worth 2020
Vera Wang was born on June 27, 1949 in New York City, United States.
As a result of the beautiful costumes she designed for skaters, she was inducted into the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

Net Worth 2020: $650 Million

15. Michael Kors

Michael Kors net worth 2020
Michael Kors was born on August 9, 1959 in Long Island, United States.

Net Worth 2020: $600 Million

16. Paloma Picasso

Paloma Picasso net worth 2020
Paloma Picasso was born on April 19, 1949 in Vallauris, France.

Perfume and fashion designer who became famous as the daughter of distinguished painter Pablo Picasso.

Her favorite jewelry designs use the color red.

Net Worth 2020: $600 Million

17. Anna Sui

Anna Sui net worth 2020
Anna Sui was born on August 4, 1964 in Detroit, United States.

Couture designer known for her eponymous clothing line. She received the Council of Fashion Designers of America's prestigious Geoffrey Beene award for lifetime achievement in fashion.

As of 2006, the profits from her fashion line were valued at more than four hundred million dollars.

Net Worth 2020: $600 Million

18. Tom Ford

Tom Ford net worth 2020
Tom Ford was born on August 27, 1961 in Austin, United States.
In 2009, he made his directorial debut with the feature A Single Man. He followed it up with the 2016 film Nocturnal Animals.

Net Worth 2020: $500 Million

19. Donna Karan

Donna Karan net worth 2020
Donna Karan was born on October 2, 1948 in New York City, United States.
A philanthropist as well as a fashion designer, she donated money to the Beth Israel Medical Center to investigate the efficacy of yoga and meditation in the treatment of cancer.

Net Worth 2020: $500 Million

20. Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli net worth 2020
Roberto Cavalli was born on November 15, 1940 in Florence, Italy.
His first store was opened in 1972.

Net Worth 2020: $500 Million