Top 20 Fashion Designer celebrities in Indonesia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Fashion Designer celebrities [Updated November 26, 2022].

1. Ivan Gunawan

Ivan Gunawan was born on December 31, 1981 in Jakarta, Indonesia.
He released a tell-all book called "Berkarya Dengan Cinta" in honor of his ten year anniversary in the fashion industry.

2. Abang Ibam

Abang Ibam net worth 2020
Abang Ibam was born on August 6, 1988 in Indonesia.
He can be seen traveling to a variety of places on his Instagram account including the Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort in July of 2016. 

3. Rani Hatta

Rani Hatta net worth 2020
Rani Hatta was born on July 30, 1990 in Indonesia.
She debuted her line at the 2014 Jakarta Fashion Week. 

4. Diana Halim

Diana Halim net worth 2020
Diana Halim was born on February 17, 1989 in Surabaya, Indonesia.
She has been featured in several different press outlets for her design work including in Fashion Waves Website in May of 2011 and Raffles in May of 2009. 

5. Dian Pelangi

Dian Pelangi was born on January 14, 1991 in Indonesia.
As an avid traveler and brand ambassador, she runs the beauty and lifestyle blog Brain Beauty Belief which has accrued millions of views.

6. Claudia Adinda

Claudia Adinda was born on May 11, 1989 in Indonesia.
She is known for appearing on the Trans 7 original series The Cuts Indonesia as a judge in the competition series. 

7. Dea Valencia Budiarto

Dea Valencia Budiarto was born on February 13, 1994 in Semarang, Indonesia.
She is known for running and operating her own storefront gallery for her clothing as well in Semarang, Indonesia. 

8. Islamia Aprilia Waskito

Islamia Aprilia Waskito was born on April 6, 1993 in Indonesia.
She collaborated with Masdioo Aprilia creating a video campaign for Aprilia Islamia in Melbourne, Australia. 

9. Rosalindynata Gunawan

Rosalindynata Gunawan was born on September 16, 1987 in Indonesia.
She developed the wearable art project, InHype, which was showcased at Ciputra Artpreneur in 2016. 

10. Ria Miranda

Ria Miranda was born on July 15, 1985 in Padang, Indonesia.
She was named Icon Muslimah International 2015 from the KL International Hijab Festival at Kuala Lumpur.

11. Chitra Subyakto

Chitra Subyakto was born on December 3, 1972 in Indonesia.
Her 2018 collection titled Timun Mas were inspired by Indonesian folk tales and handmade by batik crafters in Solo and Pekalongan. 

12. Irna Mutiara

Irna Mutiara was born on January 24, 1970 in Bandung, Indonesia.
She is the co-creator of the Muslim women's empowerment organization known as the Hijabers Mom Community.