Top 20 Fashion Designer celebrities in Egypt

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Fashion Designer celebrities [Updated September 29, 2022].

1. Malak El Ezzawy

Malak El Ezzawy net worth 2020
Malak El Ezzawy was born on September 1, 1986 in Egypt.
She co-founded the men's grooming product line Wilderbeast. 

2. Rofayda Jamal

Rofayda Jamal net worth 2020
Rofayda Jamal was born on August 13, 1990 in Cairo, Egypt.
Her work has been featured on the popular Muslim fashion blog Hijiab Chic. 

3. Nahla Elgabarouny

Nahla Elgabarouny net worth 2020
Nahla Elgabarouny was born on June 28, 1988 in Egypt.
She also uses her Instagram for modeling other designers' work, as well as documenting her travel and lifestyle. 

4. Mariam Yeya

Mariam Yeya net worth 2020
Mariam Yeya was born on February 18, 1983 in Egypt.
Her work was featured on the cover of multiple issues of Harper's Bazaar Magazine. 

5. Jean Desses

Jean Desses was born on August 6, 1904 in Alexandria, Egypt.
His evening gowns were characterized by their elegant use of chiffon. He was also known for his embroidered and sheath dresses.

6. Samo Hagras

Samo Hagras was born on July 17, 1974 in Egypt.

Fashion designer known for creating haute couture wedding gowns and dresses. His atelier has developed an online fanbase of more than 800,000 fans on Instagram.

In 2013, Samo Hagras was named Egypt's Best Fashion Designer.