Top 20 Explorer celebrities in Germany

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Explorer celebrities [Updated March 6, 2021].

1. Heinrich Barth

Heinrich Barth net worth 2020
Heinrich Barth was born on February 16, 1821 in Germany.
Despite terrible conditions and the loss of several members of the expedition, he traveled thousands of miles and gathered enough observations for a four-volume book.

2. Louis Rose

Louis Rose net worth 2020
Louis Rose was born on March 24, 1807 in Germany.
He helped found San Diego's first railroad and served as its post master and a as member of its Grand Jury.

3. Albert Von Lecoq

Albert Von Lecoq net worth 2020
Albert Von Lecoq was born on December 8, 1860 in Germany.
His expedition to China was published in the Buried Treasure of Chinese Turkestan.

4. Alexander Vonhumboldt

Alexander Vonhumboldt net worth 2020
Alexander Vonhumboldt was born on September 14, 1769 in Germany.
He was the first person to propose that the earth's continents had been joined together at one point in time.

5. Ludwig Leichhardt

Ludwig Leichhardt net worth 2020
Ludwig Leichhardt was born on October 23, 1813 in Germany.
According to some reports, he may have been killed in a tribal war and had his possessions traded by the victors.

6. Martin Behaim

Martin Behaim net worth 2020
Martin Behaim was born in Germany.
His famous Erdapfel has been preserved at the German National Museum and is significant for being the first globe tilted to spin at the correct angle.