Top 20 Explorer celebrities in France

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Explorer celebrities [Updated March 5, 2021].

1. Robert De la Salle

Robert De la Salle net worth 2020
Robert De la Salle was born on November 21, 1643 in France.
His explorations resulted in the Mississippi River Basin coming under French control.

2. Joseph Rene Bellot

Joseph Rene Bellot net worth 2020
Joseph Rene Bellot was born on March 18, 1826 in France.

A French arctic explorer who took part in the expeditions to find Sir John Franklin.

Instead of finding Sir John Franklin, he shared his fate and fell through the broken ice.

3. Francis Garnier

Francis Garnier net worth 2020
Francis Garnier was born on July 25, 1839 in France.
As a longtime advocate of expanding French influence in Vietnam, he was tasked with mapping out its navigable routes.

4. Joseph Nicollet

Joseph Nicollet net worth 2020
Joseph Nicollet was born on July 24, 1786 in Cluses, France.
His collection of maps from his three expeditions used native names for regions and landmarks.

5. Jean Chardin

Jean Chardin net worth 2020
Jean Chardin was born on November 16, 1643 in France.
His ten-volume account of his travels, titled Journal of the Travel of the Cavalier Chardin, became an invaluable resource for scholars of the region.

6. Jacques Marquette

Jacques Marquette net worth 2020
Jacques Marquette was born on June 1, 1637 in Laon, France.
Marquette andLouis Jolliet were the first Europeans to observe and chart the northern region of the Mississippi River in 1673.

7. Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier net worth 2020
Jacques Cartier was born on December 31, 1491 in Saint-Malo, France.
He was the first European to depict and chart the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the coasts of the Saint Lawrence River.

8. Henri Mouhout

Henri Mouhout net worth 2020
Henri Mouhout was born on May 15, 1826 in France.
He made four expeditions into the region covering modern-day Laos, Cambodia, and Siam, recording his findings along the way.

9. Harry Dewindt

Harry Dewindt net worth 2020
Harry Dewindt was born on April 9, 1856 in France.
He traveled from Paris to New York and continued east across the Russian and Canadian frozen wilderness.

10. Antoine delamothe Cadillac

Antoine delamothe Cadillac net worth 2020
Antoine delamothe Cadillac was born on March 5, 1658 in France.
He returned to his native France late in the second decade of the 18th century. Though he immediately faced half a year of prison at the Bastille, he was later presented with the Order of Saint Louis.

11. Albert Hastings Markham

Albert Hastings Markham net worth 2020
Albert Hastings Markham was born on November 11, 1841 in France.
While stationed in Australia, he came up with the idea of using the Southern Cross constellation next the the Union Cross for New Zealand's flag.

12. Louis Defreycinet

Louis Defreycinet net worth 2020
Louis Defreycinet was born on August 7, 1779 in France.
He was founding member of the Paris Geographical Society.

13. Nicolas Baudin

Nicolas Baudin net worth 2020
Nicolas Baudin was born on February 17, 1754 in France.
He was the first European to safely bring samples of Australian flora and fauna back to the mainland.

14. Paul Pelliot

Paul Pelliot net worth 2020
Paul Pelliot was born on May 28, 1878 in France.
He brought back many ancient texts from Asia, which helped scholars find out more about the lost cultures from where they came.

15. Rene Caillie

Rene Caillie net worth 2020
Rene Caillie was born on September 19, 1799 in France.
He spent years in Senegal learning Arabic and the customs of the people before setting off on an expedition to the famed city.

16. Rene-Robert Cavelier

Rene-Robert Cavelier net worth 2020
Rene-Robert Cavelier was born on November 21, 1643 in France.
Hearing natives' tales of a great river called Ohio, he went out in search of it.

17. Samuel De Champlain

Samuel De Champlain net worth 2020
Samuel De Champlain was born on August 13, 1574 in Hiers-Brouage, France.
He founded New France and Quebec City in 1608.

18. Claude-jean Allouez

Claude-jean Allouez was born on June 6, 1622 in France.
The Allouez Trail in Northern Michigan was named in his honor.

19. Pierre Laclede

Pierre Laclede was born on November 22, 1729 in France.
He frequently traded with the Osage Native Americans.