Top 20 Explorer celebrities in England

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Explorer celebrities [Updated June 26, 2022].

1. Ranulph Fiennes

Ranulph Fiennes net worth 2020
Ranulph Fiennes was born on March 7, 1944 in England.
The Guinness Book of World Records named him the world's greatest living explorer.

2. Joseph Banks

Joseph Banks net worth 2020
Joseph Banks was born on February 13, 1743 in England.
Although he had little formal scientific training, he collected and observed many samples which helped scientists back home.

3. John Smith

John Smith net worth 2020
John Smith was born on January 1, 1580 in Willoughby, England.
He trained settlers to farm and survive in the very first English colony in North America: Jamestown.

4. George Bass

George Bass net worth 2020
George Bass was born on January 30, 1771 in England.
He brought a small vessel along on his voyage with the Royal Navy that was about 8 by 5 feet in size. He called it Tom Thumb and used it to sail on Australia's rivers.

5. Owen Glynne Jones

Owen Glynne Jones net worth 2020
Owen Glynne Jones was born on November 2, 1867 in England.
He is the star of Alex Roddie's semi-fictional novel The Only Genuine Jones.

6. Richard Lemon Lander

Richard Lemon Lander net worth 2020
Richard Lemon Lander was born on February 8, 1804 in England.
His adventures in Africa became the basis of several books.

7. Vivian Fuchs

Vivian Fuchs net worth 2020
Vivian Fuchs was born on February 11, 1908 in England.
The Fuchs Medal, awarded by The British Antarctic Survey, was named in his honor.

8. Levison Wood

Levison Wood net worth 2020
Levison Wood was born on May 5, 1982 in Staffordshire, England.
In 2015, he walked the length of the Himalaya mountain range. His journey was also later recounted in the Channel 4 documentary Walking the Himalayas.

9. John Lloyd Stephens

John Lloyd Stephens net worth 2020
John Lloyd Stephens was born on November 28, 1805 in England.
He came upon the first Mayan ruins quite by accident, and then from there continued to find related sites.

10. John Hanning Speke

John Hanning Speke net worth 2020
John Hanning Speke was born on May 4, 1827 in England.
He was also a subscriber to the Hamitic hypothesis that white races were superior to African ones.

11. John Moresby

John Moresby net worth 2020
John Moresby was born on March 15, 1830 in England.
He served all over the region around Australia surveying, charting, and fighting off kidnappers.

12. John Franklin

John Franklin net worth 2020
John Franklin was born on April 16, 1786 in England.
He made three successful trips to the northern wilderness, but on his fourth he perished with his crew.

13. James Clark Ross

James Clark Ross net worth 2020
James Clark Ross was born on April 15, 1800 in England.
His first expedition to the Arctic involved accompanying his uncle to find the Northwest Passage.

14. James Oglethorpe

James Oglethorpe net worth 2020
James Oglethorpe was born on December 22, 1696 in England.
He persuaded the British Parliament to resettle London's poor and criminals in the New World colony of Georgia.

15. Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson net worth 2020
Henry Hudson was born on September 12, 1575 in England.
He discovered the Hudson River in 1609, initiating the Dutch colonization of New York.

16. Henry Walter Bates

Henry Walter Bates net worth 2020
Henry Walter Bates was born on February 8, 1825 in Leicester, England.
By recording the different ways rainforest animals and insects imitated other life forms or inanimate objects, he lent further support to the theory of evolution.

17. George Vancouver

George Vancouver net worth 2020
George Vancouver was born on June 22, 1757 in England.
He mapped out a part of the Columbia river, which he named Mount Hood.

18. George Percy

George Percy net worth 2020
George Percy was born on September 4, 1580 in England.
He was among the first English colonists to travel to the Jamestown Colony in Virginia, and he suffered through the colony's 1609 to 1610 winter "Starving Time."

19. George Back

George Back net worth 2020
George Back was born on November 6, 1796 in England.

He made four expeditions to North America's polar coast, exploring the region as part of John Franklin's expedition.

He was also an accomplished painter, and one of his works sold for nearly $60,000 at an auction.

20. Francis Drake

Francis Drake net worth 2020
Francis Drake was born on July 13, 1540 in Tavistock, England.
He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth on April 4, 1581.