Top 20 Explorer celebrities in Australia

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Explorer celebrities [Updated March 3, 2021].

1. Jessica Watson

Jessica Watson net worth 2020
Jessica Watson was born on May 18, 1993 in Australia.
She has garnered some criticism due to her trip not meeting official World Sailing Speed Record Council criteria.

2. John Batman

John Batman net worth 2020
John Batman was born on January 21, 1801 in Australia.
In late 1829, he attacked and massacred or captured members of an Aboriginal family.

3. Hamilton Hume

Hamilton Hume net worth 2020
Hamilton Hume was born on June 10, 1797 in Australia.
He was the first European to discover Australia's Darling river.

4. George Fletcher Moore

George Fletcher Moore net worth 2020
George Fletcher Moore was born on December 10, 1798 in Australia.
He became one of Australia's biggest sheep farmers, and remained on friendly terms with the natives.

5. Phillip Parker King

Phillip Parker King net worth 2020
Phillip Parker King was born on December 13, 1791 in Australia.
In the late 1830s, he began serving on the New South Wales Legislative Council.

6. David Dicks

David Dicks was born on October 6, 1978 in Australia.
He received the 1999 Medal of the Order of Australia.