Top 20 Essayist celebrities in England

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Essayist celebrities [Updated June 6, 2023].

1. Maria Branwell

Maria Branwell net worth 2020
Maria Branwell was born on April 15, 1783 in England.

Mother of literary skilled daughters Emily, Anne, and Charlotte Bronte as well as the poet and painter Branwell Bronte. 

She wrote an essay called The Advantages of Poverty, In Religious Concerns which can be found in Life and Letters by Clement Shorter.

2. John Doran

John Doran net worth 2020
John Doran was born on March 11, 1807 in England.
He wrote many articles and essays on etiquette and on the current events of his era.

3. Catharine Trotter Cockburn

Catharine Trotter Cockburn net worth 2020
Catharine Trotter Cockburn was born on August 16, 1679 in England.
She published her philosophical work, A Defence of Mr. Lock's, when she was just twenty-three years old.

4. John Wilkins

John Wilkins net worth 2020
John Wilkins was born in England.
He helped establish the Royal Society, and he also served as Bishop of Chester beginning in 1668.

5. Thomas Dequincey

Thomas Dequincey net worth 2020
Thomas Dequincey was born on August 15, 1785 in England.
He also worked as a journalist for the Westmoreland Gazette and sometimes translated works from German to English.

6. Jerome K. Jerome

Jerome K. Jerome net worth 2020
Jerome K. Jerome was born on May 2, 1859 in England.

English comedic writer best known for his travelogue Three Men in a Boat. Jerome K. Jerome also wrote the collections of essays Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow and Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow.

Jerome K. Jerome volunteered as an ambulance driver for the French Army during World War I.