Top 20 Entrepreneur celebrities in France

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Entrepreneur celebrities [Updated March 26, 2023].

1. Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault net worth 2020
Bernard Arnault was born on March 5, 1949 in Roubaix, France.
He was the richest person in Europe at one time with a net worth of $41 billion. 

Net Worth 2020: $87 Billion

Bernard Arnault Net Worth Details: Arnault made most of his fortune from Christian Dior, which his family holds a 73 percent stake in. Christian Dior is a 41 percent owner in the world's largest luxury goods company, LVMH, which the Arnault family owns a 5.7 percent direct stake in. He also owns 8.4 percent of Hermes and shares in Carrefour. In 2009 he sold his stake in the winery Cheval Blanc to LVMH for 238 million euros. LVMH had revenue of $41.6 billion in 2016. In June of 2019 Bernard Arnault's net worth topped $100 billion for the first time. At that point he was the third-richest person on the planet. In July 2019, his net worth topped $108 billion which placed him as the second-richest person on the planet, roughly $400 million ahead of Bill Gates. From January to December 2019, Bernard Arnault's net worth increased by $36 billion.

2. Liliane Bettencourt

Liliane Bettencourt net worth 2020
Liliane Bettencourt was born on October 21, 1922 in France.
She hated media attention, but in 2010 she was front and center in the Bettencourt affair after her butler's recordings of her phone conversations were made public.

Net Worth 2020: $40 Billion

Net Worth details: Bettencourt inherited her stake in the world's largest cosmetics company, L'Oreal, from her father who founded the company. The Bettencourt Meyers family owns just under 33 percent of the share capital of L'Oreal, which makes up more than 185 million shares. Liliane's daughter Francoise and her two grandsons were named guardians of the family fortune in 2011 after a court dispute involving Bettencourt giving gifts to friends including Francois-Marie Banier. Liliane Bettencourt died on September 21, 2017 just one month shy of her 95th birthday.

3. Pierre Omidyar

Pierre Omidyar net worth 2020
Pierre Omidyar was born on June 21, 1967 in Paris, France.
He launched eBay in 1995, and the first item ever purchased was a broken laser pointer.

Net Worth 2020: $7.8 Billion

4. Nicolas Berggruen

Nicolas Berggruen net worth 2020
Nicolas Berggruen was born on August 10, 1961 in Paris, France.
During the 1980s, he worked for both Bass Brothers Enterprises and Jacobson and Company.

Net Worth 2020: $2 Billion

5. Philippe Kahn

Philippe Kahn net worth 2020
Philippe Kahn was born on March 16, 1952 in France.
As the owner of the Borland Software Corporation, he made headlines for offering complete benefits to the domestic partners of his company's gay employees.

Net Worth 2020: $2 Billion

6. Arpad Busson

Arpad Busson net worth 2020
Arpad Busson was born on January 27, 1963 in France.
He is known for his philanthropy, founding the children's charity Absolute Return for Kids.

Net Worth 2020: $1 Billion

7. Alexandre Arnault

Alexandre Arnault net worth 2020
Alexandre Arnault was born on May 14, 1992 in Paris, France.

Fashion executive known for his meteoric rise in the industry. At 25 years old he was helming luxury luggage brand Rimowa as well as holding large influence over Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton's digital strategy. 

He was named to the Business of Fashion's BoF 500 list of influential people in the fashion industry in 2017.

Net Worth 2020: $500 Million

8. Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin net worth 2020
Christian Louboutin was born on January 7, 1963 in Paris, France.
He rarely gave shoes to clients. Instead, he offered discounts to his most high-end clients, including author Danielle Steel who once purchased 80 shoes during a single visit.

Net Worth 2020: $85 Million

9. Romain Zago

Romain Zago net worth 2020
Romain Zago was born on November 8, 1972 in France.

Nightclub owner and pop culture figure who is known for having been married to model Joanna Krupa. He has amassed more than 120,000 followers on his eponymous Instagram account.

He obtained a blackbelt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. 

Net Worth 2020: $16 Million

10. JRD Tata

JRD Tata net worth 2020
JRD Tata was born on July 29, 1904 in Paris, France.
In an unusual move, the Indian Parliament adjourned to honor him following his death.

11. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton net worth 2020
Louis Vuitton was born on August 4, 1821 in France.
He was chosen by Empress of France Eugénie de Montijo, the wife of Napoleon III, to be her personal box-maker and packer of clothes.

12. Jerome Jarre

Jerome Jarre net worth 2020
Jerome Jarre was born on June 12, 1990 in Albertville, France.
He saw Vine as a tool to fulfill his ambitions and reach out to the world.

13. Karine Candice Fou

Karine Candice Fou net worth 2020
Karine Candice Fou was born on March 30, 1969 in France.
Her blog Bodie and Fou has been named one of UK's Best Interiors Blogs.

14. Jean-Claude Trichet

Jean-Claude Trichet net worth 2020
Jean-Claude Trichet was born on December 20, 1942 in France.
He won the Vision of Europe award in 2008.

15. Jean-Baptiste Say

Jean-Baptiste Say net worth 2020
Jean-Baptiste Say was born on January 5, 1767 in France.
He popularized Say's Law, but he did not devise it.

16. Georges Claude

Georges Claude net worth 2020
Georges Claude was born on September 24, 1870 in Paris, France.
He sold his first neon lights in the United States for $1,250 apiece to a car dealership in Los Angeles.

17. Gabriel Voisin

Gabriel Voisin net worth 2020
Gabriel Voisin was born on February 5, 1880 in France.
His aircraft was first flown by Henry Farman on January 13, 1908.

18. Edouard Michelin

Edouard Michelin net worth 2020
Edouard Michelin was born on June 23, 1859 in France.
Artistry was my first passion, until my brother persuaded me to close up my studio and join him.

19. Dominique Loiseau

Dominique Loiseau net worth 2020
Dominique Loiseau was born on February 16, 1949 in France.
He was awarded the prestigious Trophee Generation Eponymes by the French Senate.

20. David Cage

David Cage net worth 2020
David Cage was born on June 9, 1969 in Mulhouse, France.
He was known for developing the hit indie game Heavy Rain from 2010.