Top 20 Drummer celebrities in Mexico

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Drummer celebrities [Updated December 7, 2022].

1. Antonio Sanchez

Antonio Sanchez net worth 2020
Antonio Sanchez was born on November 1, 1971 in Mexico City, Mexico.
He has won several awards for his original score in the Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu film including the Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Score and the Satellite Award for Best Original Score.

Salary 2020: $9,622,955

2. Paulina Villarreal

Paulina Villarreal was born on February 5, 2002 in Mexico.
She has been featured in a variety of magazines and press outlets for her skill as a drummer including in Tom Tom Magazine and Metal Insider. 

3. Iliana Villa

Iliana Villa net worth 2020
Iliana Villa was born on February 24, 1994 in Mexico.
In early 2017, she and her bandmates were guests on the Telemundo talk show Acceso Total.

4. Gustavo Vazquez

Gustavo Vazquez net worth 2020
Gustavo Vazquez was born on May 15, 1998 in Mexicali, Mexico.
He and his siblings released their self-titled debut album in 2012 with the album peaking at #4 on the Mexican chart. 

5. Diego Stommel

Diego Stommel net worth 2020
Diego Stommel was born on October 23, 1987 in Mexico.
He played durms on Allison's albums 120Km/h in 2012 and Todo Esta Encendido in 2016.

6. Guillermo Rosete

Guillermo Rosete net worth 2020
Guillermo Rosete was born on October 29, 1996 in Mexico.
He has gained over 170,000 followers on his memoadixion Instagram account. 

7. Alfonso Andre

Alfonso Andre net worth 2020
Alfonso Andre was born on August 22, 1962 in Mexico City, Mexico.
He made his acting debut in the award-winning film Crónica de Familia (1986). 

8. Ivan Soto

Ivan Soto was born on October 28, 1993 in Mexico.
He has become increasingly popular on social media with more than 40,000 followers just on Twitter.

9. Carlos Arce

Carlos Arce was born on February 18, 1996 in Mexico.
He has travelled and performed in several places throughout Mexico including Los Mochis, Guadalajara, and Tijuana. 

10. Kiko Blake

Kiko Blake was born on July 8, 1979 in Mexico.
He was signed to the record label Sones del Mexside. 

11. Rodrigo Guardiola

Rodrigo Guardiola was born on December 9, 1977 in Mexico City, Mexico.
He provided drum work on Zoé's 2018 album Aztlán.