Top 20 Drummer celebrities in Japan

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Drummer celebrities [Updated November 30, 2022].

1. Rina Suzuki

Rina Suzuki net worth 2020
Rina Suzuki was born on August 21, 1991 in Nara, Japan.
She and the band have performed theme songs for various anime shows. She's also played with Halloween Junky Orchestra and has a custom drumstick line through Pearl Drums.

2. Shinya

Shinya net worth 2020
Shinya was born on February 24, 1978 in Osaka, Japan.
He designed his own signature series drumstick with Pearl.

3. Sakura

Sakura net worth 2020
Sakura was born on November 20, 1969 in Tokyo, Japan.
He is a supporter of the band Creature Creature.

4. Yukihiro

Yukihiro net worth 2020
Yukihiro was born on November 24, 1968 in Japan.
He released the single "My Heart Draws a Dream."

5. Masaki Kojima

Masaki Kojima net worth 2020
Masaki Kojima was born on January 3, 1988 in Japan.
He announced he was leaving My First Story in March of 2016. He was replaced by Kid'z.

6. Tatsuya Amano

Tatsuya Amano net worth 2020
Tatsuya Amano was born on August 23, 1990 in Osaka, Japan.
During the summer of 2015, he and his bandmates in Crossfaith played the Van's Warped Tour in the US. In September 2015, he and his bandmates released their 4th studio album, Xeno, to iTunes.

7. Tomoya Kanki

Tomoya Kanki net worth 2020
Tomoya Kanki was born on June 27, 1987 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
He accompanied the band on their first international tour in 2013. They played in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Toronto, and in five European cities.

8. Kunji Sakuma

Kunji Sakuma net worth 2020
Kunji Sakuma was born on March 30, 1973 in Hadano, Japan.
He has 50,000 followers on his jz0330 Instagram account.

9. Shinpei

Shinpei was born on March 20, 1989 in Japan.
SuG's next album after Shinpei joined, 2010's Tokyo Muzical Hotel, was their first to chart in the top 30.

10. Watanabe Shuhei

Watanabe Shuhei was born on November 1, 1988 in Oita, Japan.
In 2017, he lent his voice to the animated film Drawings That Move.

11. Kouki Fujiwara

Kouki Fujiwara was born on August 8, 1986 in Kumamoto, Japan.
He and his bandmates won the Best Rock Video award at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards Japan.

12. Akane Hirose

Akane Hirose was born on December 14, 1990 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
She was also part of an acoustic band called Rice-cakes and Cheese where she played the cajon. She has DJ'd under the stage name of DJ Achi.

13. Kid'z

Kid'z was born on July 27, 1992 in Japan.

Replacement drummer for the Japanese rock band My First Story who filled in as official member following the departure of Masack in 2016.

The first album he performed on as a member of My First Story was Antithese.

14. Kiyoshi Ijichi

Kiyoshi Ijichi was born on September 25, 1977 in Japan.
In September 2012, he and his bandmates released their 7th studio album Landmark. It became the group's 1st group released to the American iTunes store. He also took part in his first Asian circuit tour beginning in December of 2013.

15. Keita Ogawa

Keita Ogawa was born on December 22, 1982 in Nagasaki, Japan.

Japanese drummer who has worked with artists such as Yo-Yo Ma, Assad Brothers, and the Maria Schneider Orchestra.

He lived in Rio de Janeiro for three months in order to study with respected Brazilian percussionists such as Jorginho do Pandeiro and Celsinho Silva.

16. Masaya Nakanishi

Masaya Nakanishi was born on July 10, 1983 in Japan.
In 2012, he and the band won the MASH A&R concert.

17. Satoyasu Shomura

Satoyasu Shomura was born on March 21, 1984 in Japan.
He and [Alexandros] supported Muse on a 2013 Japanese tour date for the American rock group. 

18. Tokai Junji

Tokai Junji was born on January 11, 1982 in Japan.
He signed a recording contract with B.P. Records as a member of Kiryu.

19. Uke Yutaka

Uke Yutaka was born on October 28, 1981 in Japan.
The Gazette has released a number of EPs and compilation albums including 2011's Traces Best of 2005-2009 and 2017's Traces Vol.2.

20. Yuuya Sakazaki

Yuuya Sakazaki was born on December 9, 1981 in Chiba, Japan.
Sid has released several DVDs of live shows, tours, and music videos.