Top 20 Doctor celebrities in Scotland

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Doctor celebrities [Updated June 4, 2023].

1. Jennie Kidd Trout

Jennie Kidd Trout net worth 2020
Jennie Kidd Trout was born on April 21, 1841 in Scotland.
She helped to establish a women's medical school at Queen's University following her retirement.

2. John Hunter

John Hunter net worth 2020
John Hunter was born on February 13, 1728 in Scotland.
He was the teacher and friend of Edward Jenner, who created the smallpox vaccine.

3. James Young Simpson

James Young Simpson net worth 2020
James Young Simpson was born on June 7, 1811 in Scotland.
He was a longtime friend of Scottish physicist David Brewster.

4. James Lind

James Lind net worth 2020
James Lind was born on October 4, 1716 in Scotland.
He improved sailing conditions by encouraging cleaner living conditions and sea water distillation.

5. Neil Arnott

Neil Arnott net worth 2020
Neil Arnott was born on May 15, 1788 in Scotland.
He designed the first waterbed, as well as a better way to ventilate cooking stoves, but he refused to patent either of them.

6. William Hunter

William Hunter net worth 2020
William Hunter was born on May 23, 1718 in Scotland.

Remembered as one of Great Britain's leading obstetricians of the Eighteenth Century, this Scottish doctor and anatomy teacher is perhaps most famous as the medical instructor and older brother of the renowned surgeon John Hunter.

Though remembered primarily for his work in the medical field of obstetrics, he also contributed to orthopedics, penning an important 1743 paper on the topic of cartilage injuries.