Top 20 DJ celebrities in Ireland

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 DJ celebrities [Updated February 7, 2023].

1. Pat Kenny

Pat Kenny net worth 2020
Pat Kenny was born on January 29, 1948 in Ireland.
He was given an honorary Doctor of Science degree by University College Dublin in September 2012.

2. Jonathon Ng

Jonathon Ng net worth 2020
Jonathon Ng was born on December 23, 1995 in Dublin, Ireland.
He released 5 EPs and more than 40 songs with the stage name The Eden Project. He also launched his own label under said name called MCMXCV.

3. Cici Cavanagh

Cici Cavanagh net worth 2020
Cici Cavanagh was born on December 27, 1990 in Ireland.

4. Bryan Kearney

Bryan Kearney net worth 2020
Bryan Kearney was born on February 3, 1984 in Dublin, Ireland.
He hosted the bi-weekly radio show and podcast Kearnage on Afterhours.FM.

5. Noisestorm

Noisestorm was born on October 1, 1995 in Dublin, Ireland.
His passion for music began when he first heard Emalkay's "When I Look At You."

6. Phil Taggart

Phil Taggart was born on June 10, 1987 in Ireland.

Irish radio disc jockey best known for co-hosting the BBC Radio 1 show Phil Taggart and Alice Levine. He owns an independent record label called Hometown Records.

He also wrote for the music magazine Alternative Ulster when he was 17 years old.

7. Jenny Greene

Jenny Greene was born on April 8, 1982 in Ireland.
In 2003, she earned herself a place in The Guinness Book Of Records when she broke The World Record for The Longest DJ Set playing continuously for 75 hours.