Top 20 Director celebrities in China

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Director celebrities [Updated February 7, 2023].

1. John Woo

John Woo net worth 2020
John Woo was born on May 1, 1946 in Guangzhou, China.
He was a fan of Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa.

Net Worth 2020: $60 Million

2. Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow net worth 2020
Stephen Chow was born on June 22, 1962 in Hong Kong, China.
He narrated the 1991 comedy film Crazy Safari.

Net Worth 2020: $30 Million

3. Wong Kar-Wai

Wong Kar-Wai net worth 2020
Wong Kar-Wai was born on July 17, 1958 in Shanghai, China.
He was listed at number three on the British Film Institute's Sight & Sound Top Ten Directors list of modern times.

Net Worth 2020: $30 Million

4. Yimou Zhang

Yimou Zhang net worth 2020
Yimou Zhang was born on April 2, 1950 in  Xi'an, Shaanxi, China, China.

5. Johnnie To

Johnnie To net worth 2020
Johnnie To was born on April 22, 1955 in Hong Kong, China.
His 2011 film Life Without Principle was selected as the Hong Kong entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards.

6. Andrew Lau

Andrew Lau net worth 2020
Andrew Lau was born on April 4, 1960 in Hong Kong, China.

Hong Kong director who got his start as a cinematographer for acclaimed directors like Wong Jing and Wong Kar-wai. He later went on to direct highly successful film franchises like the Young and Dangerous series and the Infernal Affairs trilogy.

In 2002, he was named Best Director at the Hong Kong Film Awards, Golden Bauhinia Awards and Golden Horse Awards for his work on Infernal Affairs.

7. Tsui Hark

Tsui Hark net worth 2020
Tsui Hark was born on February 15, 1951 in China.
He received the Asian Filmmaker of the Year Award at the 16th Busan International Film Festival for his contributions to Hong Kong cinema in 2011.

8. Wong Jing

Wong Jing net worth 2020
Wong Jing was born on May 3, 1955 in Hong Kong, China.
He was attacked by unidentified men, believed to be part of the Chinese organized crime group Triads, outside his office in 1994.

9. Jia Zhangke

Jia Zhangke net worth 2020
Jia Zhangke was born on May 24, 1970 in Fenyang, China.
His success operating outside of China's state-run film bureaucracy led NPR film critic John Powers to name him as one of the most important filmmakers of his generation. He was a leading figure of China's Sixth Generation of cinema.

10. Hou Hsiao-Hsien

Hou Hsiao-Hsien net worth 2020
Hou Hsiao-Hsien was born on April 8, 1947 in China.
He was voted Director of the Decade for the 1990s by film critics in a poll that was organized by The Village Voice and Film Comment.

11. Fruit Chan

Fruit Chan net worth 2020
Fruit Chan was born in China.
He was a member of the jury at the 24th Moscow International Film Festival in 2002.

12. Chen Kaige

Chen Kaige net worth 2020
Chen Kaige was born on August 12, 1952 in China.
His film Together earned him the Silver Seashell for Best Director at the San Sebastián International Film Festival in 2002.

13. Ann Hui

Ann Hui net worth 2020
Ann Hui was born on May 23, 1947 in China.
She was a leading exponent of the Hong Kong New Wave movement in film, and her films primarily dealt with social issues.

14. Pang Ho-Cheung

Pang Ho-Cheung net worth 2020
Pang Ho-Cheung was born on September 22, 1973 in Hong Kong, China.
His first novel Fulltime Killer was extremely popular, selling over 100,000 copies in Hong Kong.

15. Peter Chan Ho-sun

Peter Chan Ho-sun net worth 2020
Peter Chan Ho-sun was born on November 28, 1962 in Hong Kong, China.
He produced the 2009 film Bodyguards and Assassins, which won an astounding eight awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards, including Best Film and Best Director.

16. Stanley Kwan

Stanley Kwan net worth 2020
Stanley Kwan was born on October 9, 1957 in Hong Kong, China.
His 1998 film Hold You Tight won the Alfred Bauer Prize and Teddy Award at the 48th Berlin International Film Festival.

17. Tian Zhuangzhuang

Tian Zhuangzhuang net worth 2020
Tian Zhuangzhuang was born on April 23, 1952 in China.
His 1993 film The Blue Kite, which is critical of the Chinese government's Communist policies, led to the film being banned and him being blacklisted.

18. Wang Xiaoshuai

Wang Xiaoshuai net worth 2020
Wang Xiaoshuai was born on May 22, 1966 in Shanghai, China.
He released his 1996 film Frozen under the pseudonym Wu Ming, meaning "No Name" in Chinese, because of restrictions against making independent films in China.

19. Wayne Wang

Wayne Wang net worth 2020
Wayne Wang was born on January 12, 1949 in Hong Kong, China.
He made an appearance in the Arthur Dong documentary Hollywood Chinese.

20. Yuen Woo-Ping

Yuen Woo-Ping net worth 2020
Yuen Woo-Ping was born on January 1, 1945 in China.

Chinese martial arts choreographer and director who became one of the most respected figures in action cinema through his work on films like 2000's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. He made his directorial debut in 1978 with the Jackie Chan-starring film Snake in the Eagle's Shadow.

He won a Hong Kong Film Award, Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award and Golden Horse Award for his work on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.