Top 20 Cricket Player celebrities in Argentina

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Cricket Player celebrities [Updated March 28, 2023].

1. Billy MacDermott

Billy MacDermott net worth 2020
Billy MacDermott was born on November 2, 1981 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
At the 2007 ICC event, he was named Player of the Tournament, while leading Argentina to a division 2 promotion.

2. Agustin Casime

Agustin Casime net worth 2020
Agustin Casime was born on July 12, 1985 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He claimed a wicket in his List A debut.

3. Dennet Ayling

Dennet Ayling net worth 2020
Dennet Ayling was born on June 8, 1906 in Argentina.
His greatest highlight was scoring an 86 against Sir Julien Cahn's XI.

4. Cyril Ayling

Cyril Ayling net worth 2020
Cyril Ayling was born on October 26, 1910 in Argentina.
He played for Argentina in a number of matches against Sir Theodore Brinckman's XI.

5. Alejandro Ferguson

Alejandro Ferguson was born on July 19, 1978 in Argentina.
He played in two matches for Argentina at the 2001 ICC Trophy tournament,

6. Pablo Ryan

Pablo Ryan was born on February 21, 1983 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He represented Argentina in the Americas Championship Tournament in 2002 and 2004.

7. Gaston Arizaga

Gaston Arizaga was born on February 8, 1974 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He partook in the inaugural season of the World Cricket League in 2006.

8. Donald Forrester

Donald Forrester was born on August 11, 1969 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He scored half-centuries at the 1994 and 2001 ICC Trophies.

9. Clement Gibson

Clement Gibson was born on August 23, 1900 in Argentina.
He played internationally for Argentina.

10. Martin Siri

Martin Siri was born on April 20, 1979 in Argentina.
In 2006 he was a key part of Argentina's ICC World Cricket League Americas Region Division Two victory.