Top 20 Computer Scientist celebrities in United States

Here is the latest list of the world's top 20 Computer Scientist celebrities [Updated December 10, 2022].

1. Edwin Catmull

Edwin Catmull net worth 2020
Edwin Catmull was born on March 31, 1945 in United States.
He was named a Museum Fellow for the Computer History Museum in 2013.

Net Worth 2020: $40 Million

2. Vinton Cerf

Vinton Cerf net worth 2020
Vinton Cerf was born on June 23, 1943 in New Haven, United States.
He has won numerous of the world's most prestigious awards including the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Salary 2020: $186,787

3. Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper net worth 2020
Grace Hopper was born on December 9, 1906 in New York City, United States.
She is credited with popularizing the term "debugging" for fixing computer glitches and the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Hopper (DDG-70) is named for her.

4. Eugene Myers

Eugene Myers net worth 2020
Eugene Myers was born on December 31, 1953 in United States.
He was a 2001 recipient of the prestigious Paris Kanellakis Award.

5. Annie Easley

Annie Easley net worth 2020
Annie Easley was born on April 23, 1933 in United States.
During the Jim Crow era, she worked to ensure that her fellow African-American Alabamans were not disenfranchised, accomplishing her goal by helping prospective voters prepare for the literacy test portion of their applications.

6. Dennis Ritchie

Dennis Ritchie net worth 2020
Dennis Ritchie was born on September 9, 1941 in Bronxville, United States.
In 1997 he was made a Fellow of the Computer History Museum, for co-creating the UNIX operating system, and developing the C programming language.

7. Robert Sedgewick

Robert Sedgewick net worth 2020
Robert Sedgewick was born on December 20, 1946 in United States.
He authored Algorithms, a series of computer science manuals.

8. Jon Bentley

Jon Bentley net worth 2020
Jon Bentley was born on February 20, 1953 in Long Beach, United States.
He devised an optimal solution for Klee's measure problem and also co-invented the Bentley-Ottmann algorithm.

9. Jim Gray

Jim Gray net worth 2020
Jim Gray was born on January 12, 1944 in United States.
He was reported missing at sea after he went on a short sailing trip by himself to the Farallon Islands to scatter his mother's ashes. In spite of multiple searches, he was never found and declared deceased on May 16, 2012.

10. Charles Bachman

Charles Bachman net worth 2020
Charles Bachman was born on December 11, 1924 in United States.
He worked at General Electric in 1960 where he developed the Integrated Data Store. 

11. Bill Joy

Bill Joy net worth 2020
Bill Joy was born on November 8, 1954 in United States.
In his compelling Wired Magazine essay "Why the Future Doesn't Need Us," Joy argues that the very technologies that he and his colleagues worked tirelessly to develop are placing the human race's future generations in jeopardy.

12. Edward Felten

Edward Felten net worth 2020
Edward Felten was born on March 25, 1963 in United States.
He published a well-known study on the subject of the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI).

13. J. Presper Eckert

J. Presper Eckert net worth 2020
J. Presper Eckert was born on April 9, 1919 in United States.
His prototype computer, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, was used by the military for their artillery calculations.

14. John Hopcroft

John Hopcroft net worth 2020
John Hopcroft was born on October 9, 1939 in Seattle, United States.
In 1994 he became a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery.

15. Stuart Umpleby

Stuart Umpleby net worth 2020
Stuart Umpleby was born on March 5, 1944 in United States.
He worked on the year 2000 computer problem (aka Y2K).

16. John McCarthy

John McCarthy net worth 2020
John McCarthy was born on September 4, 1927 in Boston, United States.

American computer and cognitive scientist who coined the term 'artificial intelligence.' He has received the Turing Award, John McCarthy United States National Medal of Science, and the Kyoto Prize among other honors for his contributions to computer science.

In 1966 he and his team at Stanford wrote a computer program used to play a series of chess games with counterparts in the Soviet Union.

17. Katie Bouman

Katie Bouman was born on May 9, 1989 in West Lafayette, United States.
She is known for having been a member of the Haystack Observatory and was also supported as a student by the National Science Foundation's Graduate Fellowship program. 

18. Anita Borg

Anita Borg was born on January 17, 1949 in United States.
Her numerous scientific honors include the Association for Women in Computing's prestigious Augusta Ada Lovelace Award, the Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award, and the Heinz Award.

19. John Backus

John Backus was born on December 3, 1924 in United States.
His Fortran was the first computer language to take on a more human syntax, and so was comprehensible and the first widely used high-level language.

20. Gilad Lotan

Gilad Lotan was born on August 19, 1981 in United States.
He's also been an adjunct professor for New York University.